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  1. 06/06/22 Build Week Group

    Res 7/14 8am Scheduled: 6/6 WT, All.
  2. Are there any Wildtrak Sasquatch LUX being built?

    Well there is your problem right there....Chapman
  3. Are there any Wildtrak Sasquatch LUX being built?

    They just screen printed the ordering system info. Had all the particulars. Scheduled dates, vin number, my name, The res #, order number, all the details etc.
  4. Are there any Wildtrak Sasquatch LUX being built?

    Yep scheduled 6/6. All the options all the constraints. 7/14 res. No updates from Ford Corp, but dealer had all info
  5. Where will the Bronco be in 10 years?

    10 years? More than likely I will be straining the limits of machine and man while outrunning alloy air cars in violation of the motor law. That is if I can get out to my uncle’s country place that no one knows about. Barchetta’s just aren’t practical on the shit pothole filled roads of the...
  6. “Update” from Mike Levine for those stuck on Ice Mountain

    Stay Pumped !! Staying pumped requires powered units which may or not be available at this time. In the event that chips are unavailable deflation may occur, if your deflation lasts for more than 3 years please consult a professional. Chip availability may not result in re-inflation in the...
  7. ‘23 MY predictions/ what we know

    Predict 2023? Easy, continuing disappointment. You’re welcome.
  8. Bronco Color Tier List... Thoughts???

    All colors that I like are good and as long as you agree with me you are not a moron. I have spoken. The Internet.
  9. Ford to email that scheduled 2021 model year units will be ready for shipment by March 31, 2022

    The way I read this: The last of the MY 21s (that had some equipment that Ford was waiting for) can now be completed 3.5months later. So, if you have all the stuff and things in your MY 2022, you are 3.5months behind where you should be if you want the stuff and things. Meanwhile, other...
  10. 2022 MotorTrend SUV of the Year award finalist - Bronco

    Are they saying Ford has poor build quality compared to the precision engineering reliability of land rover and Stellantis? Something makes me think the overlooked those same issues in the competition. But if not, we should be really nervous.
  11. Paying cash for your Bronco Raptor?

    Just checked USAA and they are advertising 2.54% as of 30 sec ago. So, it would stand to reason if your fairly liquid investments are making more than that, take the loan.
  12. Plan B - Tired of waiting

    As they say the most important ability is availability.
  13. Early reservation vs HOSS 3.0

    Added it. 7/14 no vin. Was already waiting on all the other unobtainium items
  14. I sampled over 300 Builds this year and determined that 2022 will be the year of Eruption Green

    I think it is because the Green goes better with the interior choices. For example the Wildtrack. White, Green, maybe Red. The others not so much. Of course that is just my opinion.
  15. Ford will ship Broncos without chips controlling non-safety critical features

    I would think that anyone who ordered any feature that they are not getting on delivery to not have to pay for any of those features until they actually receive them. I would urge every state's attorney general to vigorously enforce the current consumer protection laws.
  16. AR | S.I.T.H. Modular Bumper Shackle - Common Hardware REIMAGINED

    Wait....what ? Einstein didn’t wear socks? Only one thing to do now... SEND IT
  17. Delivery - Is this normal?

    True Fact If you gave someone money for a Porsce, you are going to be waiting a long long long time....... so long that you should probably check in on that boiler room, I mean... pop up car dealer, yeah pop up dealer...thats the ticket. Strange you had to give them your bank account info and...
  18. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    Thanks Tom. So if I understand the list correctly, I am: 15th if sorted by 4 door Broncos 2nd if sorted by 4 door Wildtraks So, based on current allocations; factor constraints; carry the one; let the headless chicken land on "bailout"; and then consult the magic 8 ball to determine when I...