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  1. Baja Designs Squadron SAE driving lights

    I installed these highway-legal driving lights into my custom bumper and tested them out tonight. This is with the low-beams on, but they show up nicely with the high-beams as well.
  2. My front bumper build

    My brother and I just completed the front bumper for my Bronco today. I just need to wire up the winch so I can replace the cable with my synthetic line. I put in some BD Squadron SAE running lights and wired them up through the foglight button on my headlight switch. Parking sensors, adaptive...
  3. Anyone attended Bronco Basecamp Moab?

    My vote is to do both, but agreed that it will be busy at EJS. Best plan is to see what the posted Jeep trails for the day are and do other trails! I will be there April 15-17 and at the Off-Roadeo with friends on Saturday the 16th. I will be bringing both my 1st and 6th Gen over for Bronco...
  4. Florida Grille Swaps

    I just did last week. Grille is a piece of cake. The mirror covers were a bit tougher, but can be done without removing the mirror glass. Looks way better for my Lightning Blue, and my buddy’s Antimatter Blue looks fantastic with the gloss black. Win-win!
  5. Should I get a Ford Cargo Enclosure

    My fixed top enclosure also had plenty of scrapes. The supporting rails don’t have enough tack welds, which results in rattling which can be fixed in a number of ways, including shimming the gaps with paper, rubber or the like. I carry gear with me regularly and it works great, but sometimes...
  6. Building off-road spill kits

    In preparation of wheeling season, I jusI completed a number of trail spill kits for some clubs I am a part of. I carry one with me in each of my rigs. Kitty litter goes in a separate container to prevent spills.
  7. 3/18 Moab Bronco Off-Roadeo Experience

    I am very fortunate to be able to be a part of so many first off-road experiences. Sometimes though, it’s the guests that allow me to have a first-time exoerience. @CValencia Thanks for the little adventure to this cave. A first for me!. I
  8. Anyone attended Bronco Basecamp Moab?

    During Easter Jeep Week, the trails will be pretty packed, but a few of us are heading over here that weekend and will be around the basecamp and on the trails. If you are heading over, PM me and join us on the trail!
  9. Denver metro area roll call

    We have an active community over on FB at Colorado Bronco Owners. We have done 3 or 4 trails, a few meet-ups, went down to RAM off-road park and wheeled and had a BBQ. We have another trail ride coming up towards COS later this month as well. We even have a traveling Geocache with Bronco SWAG...
  10. AR | FIRST EDITION Badge VIN Project

    Count me in.
  11. Beginner adventures out west

    I have seen people slip in at the last minute. But you probably only need a week or so for them to verify your reservation/purchase and get you into the next week. If you schedule for the week days, there are typically a fewer people on the trail.
  12. Beginner adventures out west

    ^ This guy knows how to have a good time!
  13. Beginner adventures out west

    Colorado has lots of great trails as does Moab. Both have trails that are from beginner to expert. It would be worth it to route yourself through one or both states. I am a guide at the Bronco Off-Roadeo in Moab. The Off-Roadeo is always a good time. About 30 miles of highway and 30 miles of...
  14. Washing Bronco With Top Down / Off?

    I often wash my classic Bronco that way. Aim hose down, and use a piece or cardboard when rinsing close to the interior edges.
  15. The Bronze

    Colorado Bronco Club

    @RunninRiot Colorado Bronco owners Facebook page.
  16. The Bronze

    Colorado Bronco Club

    Some Bronco owners are going g to Ram Off-Road park (COS) on January 8th to play around with our vehicles. Going to work on spotting winching and general off-road use. A mix of new and classic Broncos will be there. Likely a great way for you to get your feet wet!
  17. The Bronze

    Colorado Bronco Club

    @DrBriGuy You don’t take your own vehicle on the trail, you use one of the Off-Roadeo rigs
  18. Off Road Maps that work on the Bronco, what is Working?

    I have been running Gaia for years as well. Easy to load trails, incorporate photos, add layers, share with others and it works well with CarPlay. I have other apps and they work pretty well, but Gaia is my go-to app. My only complaints: 1) (CarPlay not Gaia) all the CarPlay apps only use 70%...
  19. Can anyone with a Sasquatch Bronco measure their scrub radius?

    I like where you are headed with this research. Scrub radius changes affect the vehicle handling and even make changes that the automated driving systems can’t account for. There are alignment machines that can calculate scrub radius and then you compare as you swap rims, spacers and such. No...