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  1. Georgia FS: Method 703 matte black 17x8.5 0mm

    Asking $1,300 OBO Paid $1,700 so $400 off! Selling set of 5 Method 703 matte black wheels. Size is 17x8.5 0mm and still in box! Located in Alpharetta GA Can ship but that will be around $200 so local pick-up best
  2. FS: $100 Ford e-gift card SOLD

    Have a $100 Ford e-gift card and have no use for it. Selling for $50. Will just forward email with gift card included.
  3. FS: OEM Bronco Rubber Mats

    Ford Bronco rubber mats for 4 door Includes front and passenger mats, rear mats, and cargo mat. All still in box. Bought for Bronco that I never received. Originally $300+ Selling for $200 for all Local pick-up only Alpharetta/Roswell/Milton GA
  4. FS: Method 703 Matte Black (brand new)

    Selling set of 5 Method 703 matte black wheels. Bought but for Bronco but ended up not buying. Size is 17x8.5 0mm and still in box. Bead grip technology. Located in Alpharetta GA Selling for $1,300. Paid $1,550 so $250 off!
  5. Shottenkirk Ford in Jasper GA

    Drove by Shottenkirk Ford in Jasper GA over the weekend and noticed they had roughly 12 Broncos out front and available. Not a single one used, all new, and nothing under $20k AMP. WTF @Ford Motor Company Real cool to see dealers loading up while I’ve been In Production with a chip delay since Jan
  6. Ford Commercials

    These Ford commercials during the KY Derby are killing me!
  7. Ford Gift Card

    Anyone want to buy the $100 gift card I received from Ford? It’s an e-card so will send you gift card code to use online. Asking $70
  8. Georgia FS: 5 Method 703 Matte Black

    For sale are 5 Method 703 in matte black. Still in box and never installed. Bought and changed mind. Method 703 17x8.5 0mm $1,800 for all 5
  9. Alabama FS: 5 tires (35/12.5r17) - brand new

    For sale are 5 brand new tires that were purchased for Bronco but never installed. These are located at dealership in Birmingham AL Maxxis Razr AT-811 35/12.50R17 121R Almost identical to Nitto Ridge Grapplers $1700 for all 5
  10. Long shot…in search of Wildtrak

    Looking for Carb Grey or Black Wildtrak…anywhere in the SE. Mine has been stuck In Production since Jan with a micro chip delay and no end in sight. I know, “good luck” but worth a shot being there are dealers on here who are reputable and might be willing to help out 😂
  11. Date on Window Sticker Changes

    Does anyone know what it means if anything when the date at the bottom of WS changes?
  12. Another Micro Chip Delay

    So my build was 2/26 and has been at the plant since on a general “Delay - Plant Hold” with nothing else provided. Today when I called Ford CS I was told it has now been labeled as Delay - Micro Chip. Guessing that was really the reason all along so wonder why it just now has been labeled that...
  13. Stivers Ford Birmingham Deliveries

    Anyone still pending a delivery to Stivers Ford in Birmingham? Anyone receive a delivery to Stivers in April?
  14. Stivers Ford in Birmingham AL Delivery?

    Anyone have a built Bronco and awaiting shipment to Stivers Ford in Birmingham AL? Mine has been built since 2/25 and still In Production. Stivers is telling me the delay is due to shipping 🤷🏼‍♂️
  15. EDD 4/19 - 4/25 Support Group

    Starting this thread if you have a EDD that is April 19-25 regardless of build date. 2/35/22 build Birmingham AL
  16. 6 Speaker Upgrade + Amp but No Sub (Input Asked)

    I’m curious if the following will give me a well rounded sound with highs and lows…primarily listen to classic rock. - Replace the four 4” speakers - Replace the two 6.5” kick panel speakers - Add amplifier Will the above give me the lows and complete sound? I now the deep bass won’t be...
  17. Opinion on how these Infinity Reference speakers sound?

    Purchased 4 of these to replace the 4” in front and rear. This is on a stock system, not B&O, and will not have an amp powering. Looking for someone who has installed these without amp and how they sound…anything better I should consider for more clean and pure sound? May also consider...
  18. Bronco Tailgate Table w/ Sub Installed ?

    Curious if anyone has this setup but with the Ford Bronco table and not JC Off-road. Curious if it rattles or not
  19. Sound System Upgrade

    I want to upgrade all speakers inside bronco (not B&O) to achieve a more clear, loud, and deep sound. I will not be doing this myself but instead through a local shop. Has anyone upgraded theirs at a shop and if so what all was updated and thoughts? I want bass but not a sub bc I don’t want it...
  20. Front Settled

    Has anyone with a Sasquatch noticed their front settle after a few months? Trying to decide on 1 - 1.5” for level kit. thanks!