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  1. Hot Pepper Red Base Bronco Budget Build

    2 door base will be my build also .. if it gets here lol That color looks great
  2. POLL: Which Bronco Raptor Color is Your Favorite? [All the Bronco Raptor Colors Spotted So Far]

    There’s no color that makes those fender flares look good
  3. Here starts the dealer games

    I would probably go to jail ..
  4. Stuck in the "In Production" Phase Thread

    7/1 blend . Still shows production. Base sas 2.7 mic.
  5. Who is with me on the Basesquatch order train?

    Modular bumper . Other than that exact same
  6. What are everyones thoughts/plans on first mods?

    Audio upgrade and rock rails.
  7. Base Sound System Upgrade/Build

    I drove one today with the base stereo. Freaking terrible. Did not sound great with the top on and will be pathetic with the top off
  8. Base Sound System Upgrade/Build

    Hope it’s better than the one in the f150. My 21 has the regular b&o and it’s pure trash
  9. Build week anxiety

    No update yet … still shows production
  10. Build week anxiety

    Any update ? Today is my blend date also .. whatever that means lol
  11. Build week anxiety

    I get to Champaign a bunch … buddy of mine up there just got a 4xe rubicon so we’ll be hitting as many backroads around there as we can find
  12. Build week anxiety

    Then we patiently wait and pace a hole in the floor until the dealer calls and says it’s been delivered .
  13. Build week anxiety

    Where is Kane County? I am in Shelby county. About 1 hour south of Champaign
  14. Build week anxiety

    Last email from Ford was that this is my build week … been in production all week. I am ready for that built notification. Only checking the tracker 30 times a day .
  15. Off Road Mods People Think Are Cool, But Really Aren’t

    It’s all personal preference .. mod it how you want. You never know when that grumper grill will come in handy during the zombie apocalypse. Personally my base Sasquatch will remain mostly stock other than 1.21 gigawatts of stereo improvements
  16. First In-Depth Owner’s Review: 2021 Bronco Badlands 4-Door 2.7L

    How does the music sound? Is it loud enough with the top off ?