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  1. Ford Acessories 20% off using FORD20 code. Ends 5/31

    I just noticed a banner on Ford Acessories website for 20% off with code FORD20. Ends 5/31.
  2. Another Fender Flare Cleaning Solution

    I have a 2021 Dirt Mountain Bronco that had dirt stains on the plastics especially the fender flares that I could not get off. Part of the culprit may have been dirt (clay?) combined with silicone from the dealer's tire dressing, I'm not sure, but if you're here you probably have this problem...
  3. Disappointed in reveal.

    I'm not disappointed in the vehicle in any way. But anyone else think the reveal kind of sucked (besides the reservation fiasco). I guess I was kind of hoping for more of an event like they did with the F150. Also, the reservation opening should have come at a different but specified time and...