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  1. BRONCO 2.7 Stalled and left me Stranded!!!!

    So your dealership can go a step further with reset, maybe if the check engine light comes on again don't clear it and just let ford deal with it, sucks you're going through it
  2. BRONCO 2.7 Stalled and left me Stranded!!!!

    So I was having a few problems, mine is a 21 though, all my problems were fixed with a factory reset. Might be that simple, ford's customer care can help you troubleshoot it
  3. Front Locker Upgrade?

    Or I'm sure someone with a base that has already taken off their stock to put bigger ones would probably part with them
  4. Initial Take and 2k Mile Road Trip Home

    His bronco is part Raptor hence the orange haha
  5. No "Your lights are on" warning??

    Mine dings, though I keep mine on auto so it avoids that issue completely
  6. a well kept ancestor

    I guess it just goes down to preference for sure. I loved my 86, I beat that thing up, the og Broncos though I would take over the new if I had no kids. I'm not a big technology person and the little glitches the new one has, has become slightly annoying. I wouldnt mind having both though
  7. As follow up to the buyer's remorse post - Anybody's wife/husband balking at you getting your Bronco as delivery approaches?

    Yeah im sure if there was anyone I knew that built ford's or any other car I would hear similar stories, and everyone definitely has their own likes
  8. As follow up to the buyer's remorse post - Anybody's wife/husband balking at you getting your Bronco as delivery approaches?

    You are better off with the bronco than a tesla, I have clients that work for tesla whose only just is to cut into the frame to find bolts that weren't put on properly and fell into the frame. None of them will drive a tesla
  9. As follow up to the buyer's remorse post - Anybody's wife/husband balking at you getting your Bronco as delivery approaches?

    Me and my wife have our own money, we agreed as long as the bills get paid neither even asks what the other makes. My money is my money her money is hers.
  10. Angel on my shoulder... Les Schwab (Fabtech 3") Lift Fail!!

    I think the problem is trusting a place like that to do more than just changing a tire, even then I wouldn't trust the lug nuts being tightened properly
  11. Quality Problems

    Hey so I am sorry to hear about your issues with the hood. I had the same issue with the transmission shifting, the dealership did a reset and it fixed the problem, call your dealership they can make it right
  12. Bronco met the Pacific Ocean

    Better than most northern California beaches, those ones are covered in trash , good looking bronco
  13. From elation to broken in 24 hours. Service Engine Soon CEL

    It seems like alot of people are just having to have a reprogramming. I've had mine done for the transmission
  14. Found out We’re Having Twins! - How is the 4 Door for 2 Infant Seats?

    so I have the 4 door and also 3 kids, im 6'3" and my 1 year old I have her rear facing seat on the passenger side and my 5 year old I have her booster seat behind driver side, I did however have to change booster seats because my daughters old booster was a little higher, so finding the right...
  15. Road trip gone bad; broken windshield, broken window regulator

    I had to have my windows reset because I had an issue with the window indexing were it would get stuck or try to go too far up causing it to go back down. It might become a problem that will require a recall, sorry to hear about the issues. Hopefully ford makes it right and you can get back to...
  16. Broken tie rod.

    That place is full of wonderful surprises
  17. Overall view on my bronco

    Hopefully yours will be good, I have bad luck with cars so this is on par for me haha
  18. Overall view on my bronco

    So after a good amount of time I wanted to give an overall review of the good and the bad . Some background. I have purchased the 2.7 hardtop base with no other add on. Super nice ride and very smooth. Had to get the windows tinted very soon after getting the vehicle due to having kids. Car...
  19. Cactus Gray WildTrak on 37s - No lift

    Damn that thing looks good
  20. Screen time

    I can, and I talked to the dealership about the issues and we are just waiting to address them when my replacement hardtop comes in that way it's only one trip