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  1. Complete Stereo Install - Amp, DSP, Speakers and Sub. Lots of Pictures.

    Love this, can we get some more details on how you mounted that amp? I've got a 2 door BL on the way that I want to build a big stereo in and I also want to use a AC DSP as part of this build. I'm not sure how I'll feel about loosing that much cargo space but I'll make the box easily removable...
  2. FIRST LOOK: Flush Style LED Tail Lights for the 2021+ Ford Bronco from ORACLE Lighting

    I'm in for signature series, which is seems like most models come with...
  3. Rock Crawler Daily

    Yeah, too bad none of that stuff seems to be available for purchase yet. I really like their clean bumper designs.
  4. Order a new Toyota Tacoma, it's an eerily similar experience. (And, no, I did not.)

    I get the slight parallels here but looking at the Toyota order process you don't get to choose every nitty gritty detail, nor are you "ordering" anything, you are requesting something vaguely setup the way you want. Either way, it's supply chain issues and supply vs demand. Looking at sales...
  5. Squatch road noise... Out of round?

    Our 4 door SAS is smooth as silk at all speeds, like how does this thing drive this nice and smooth on 35's, nice. Odd that it wouldn't get worse with speed...
  6. A couple of additions: FabFours stubby bumper and Warn EVO 10s winch

    Has ANYONE run this bumper with the Warn winch WITH their control pack relocation kit WITH a camera? I'm curious how much of the screen would be obscured with the control pack totally gone off the top of the winch. That may be what it takes to push me towards this verses the SVC Baja.
  7. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done âś…

    Thank you! I'll be doing this for sure on my ride and probably just some simple speaker swaps and poly fill to her B*O system.
  8. How do you plan to mount your Hi Lift jack?

    Now that I have a Bronco in the driveway there really isn't any place to use it on the Bronco that wouldn't cause damage. The jack is very useful on my crawler due to sturdy bumpers and sliders that keep the jack away from the vehicle, but then again I'm not worried about scratching paint...
  9. Ford Performance Upgraded Steering Rack and Tie Rods

    Hopefully this isn't too expensive as I'll be needing something like this for both my Broncos.
  10. Bronze on Eruption Green Photo's Please!

    I really want to see some bonze wheels too - bonus points for an Alloy Rebound Pro!
  11. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    Oh boy I've scrolled for days and can't find it - is there a 2dr hard top Badlands with the stock wheels on BFG's in here? I'm curious to see what it looks like - even though I'm probably a year away from getting it... Thanks!
  12. Rock Crawler Daily

    Great discussion here guys, I can't wait I'll have to wait until I get my Bronco to really play around but the pioneers can sure save a lot of time and perform some quite valuable testing! I'm fairly confident that we'll have a setup that will allow max travel on 37's before having to go custom...
  13. Rock Crawler Daily

    Oh I get it, and I don't plan on any high speed bumpy stuff either, nothing remotely close to that in the Midwest. It is interesting to see what can be gained by trimming bump stops and moving suspension mount locations.
  14. ICON Rebound Pro Wheels with InnerLock Bead Retention Technology

    I can't wait to see what a set of bronze rebound pros look like on a green 2dr rolling on 37's.
  15. Rock Crawler Daily

    What did he end up doing to achieve that?
  16. Rock Crawler Daily

    Ok, now looking at the Icon kit, looks like lots of add-ons are needed for the 37's and factory links. Oh well.
  17. Rock Crawler Daily

    My wheelbase is the limiting factor on my 74' and it keeps me from playing in certain areas because I don't want to flip it over, although I haven't played with sucking the front end down with the winch... I took the 4dr out on some winter wheeling trails and was flat out amazed that we didn't...
  18. Rock Crawler Daily

    Thanks for that actual info, I had spent so much time diving into the waiting game for my wife's 4dr that I got a little burned out and took a break from the site but with Bronco #9 joining the stable I'm back at it again trying to build something capable.
  19. Zone Adventure Series installed on 2 Door Sasquatch w/ 37s

    More info on the kit and wheel specs? I'm looking to push the limits on 37's and I'm curious on what fits and what doesn't. Thanks, looks fantastic!
  20. Rock Crawler Daily

    I ordered up a 2DL Badlands NON-SAS to build a daily driver/crawler with the intention of ditching the factory suspension for coilovers and 37" tires. My current rock crawler is a seasoned build of a little over 11 years of abuse and takes relentless beatings to the point where people watching...