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  1. Ft. McDowell Bronco Event

    So, any of the AZ folks go to the Ft. McDowell off road driving event yet? I have an appointment for Friday.
  2. Finally got to play in a Stick Shift

    One of our dealers actually has a manual mannequin. They were having a BS "will buy your old car at MSRP event" which I knew was BS, but it gave me an excuse to show the Bronco to the spouse. 4-door Cyber Orange Badlands, soft top. 33" wheels with bead locks. Shifter feels just like the one...
  3. Factory Tires - Vendor

    Now that folks are actually receiving their Broncos, can we confirm who is providing the rubber on the non SAS builds? I'm still pissed off at Bridgestone/Firestone. Those guys are scum and still owe me a set of tires from the Wilderness AT/HT debacle. They litterally sepparated the tread from...
  4. Bronco Vs. anything else with a Manual

    I traded in the Mustang a couple months ago anticipating that I'd have to suck it up and drive the wife's old car for 6 months while waiting for my bronco. With the recent e-mails that could be a lot longer. I ordered the Bronco because: A) I like Fords B) it has a stick-shift Therefore the...
  5. After 4 PM Eastern and no E-mail

    Yes, I know the e-mail was posted in another thread. I did not receive it though. What percentage of folks with orders actually got the e-mail? Since I didn't, now I must assume my order is messed up in Ford's system. Because Ford. They certainly know my e-mail with all the damn spam they...
  6. What will you power with AUX Switches ?

    All right folks, we know you are getting the Aux switches. What are you going to wire up?