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  1. Anybody seen these lights come on?

    Search for gremlins caused when doors off. I recall seeing something about it. Edit: A quick fix solution might be disconnect both battery cables for 30 minutes and then put back to reset any weird crap. These things...
  2. Ford Gatorback Mudflaps Misinstalled?

  3. Bronco leaking?

    All good trail horses need to take a leak at some point. Agree with it being AC condensate running off.
  4. I have a 2022 Bronco MIC hard top, want to add an Ford soft top, can it be done?

    Here's a thread with lots of details that should be helpful.
  5. Houston: Anyone got a Forscan that's used it with success?

    Assume you've found and gone through the Forscan thread on adding additional GOAT modes via Forscan (if not, hyperlink embedded) but you're perhaps looking for someone local to Houston who can provide hands on help with the changes. Unfortunately, I'm in North Texas. I have done the changes to...
  6. Now Windshield hold after chip hold? Anyone else hear this?

    I think this means they are trying to figure out how to plug those chips, that were on backorder, into the windshield. Once Ford engineering gets back to them with the procedure, you'll get your Bronco. 🤣
  7. Rockworkx hard top bolts installed. Removable by hand

    @Rockworkx I took the opportunity to check the bolts on the roll bar and @Ksjrb03 is correct; there is a lot of room around and above those bolts for your product to fit. Much more than I recalled. In fact, you can easily use the disk you are already producing but omit the tie down on it...
  8. Rockworkx hard top bolts installed. Removable by hand

    Totally agree. It would be a bonus to have something like these for those 2 bolts on top. Perhaps something similar to the current disks with a low profile could work (no tie down obviously). Just enough for forefinger and thumb to get a good grip to tighten and loosen. And, maybe incorporate...
  9. Murdered Out Bronco Parked in the Wild

    The only thing that needs to be murdered is that thing that was once a Bronco. Someone please put that thing out of its miserable misguided existence.
  10. Rockworkx hard top bolts installed. Removable by hand

    @Rockworkx Any update on when prior orders are expected to ship?
  11. UPDATED - OEM Tube Door installed!

    In my mind it's more about side impact intrusion and creating some protection from that unfortunate situation.
  12. Opps I did it again! Agreed to buy a second Bronco!

    So, how did this turn out?
  13. Ate a boulder, brakes locked up

    Totally get that; not worth messing up a vacation over $700 when dealership is recommending replacement (and it's your brakes).
  14. Ate a boulder, brakes locked up

    Not sure it would work from a repair work flow stand point but you might ask them to leave the caliper for last to see if it's really needed after replacing everything else. $700 saved is that in your pocket for next upgrade or repair.
  15. RekGen mudflaps!

    I called RekGen's support line and he told me the the front XLs are 4" longer than the Standard size. Standard are a total of 14.5" and XL are 18.5". Don't where he measured from but assume longest vertical points.
  16. Rek Gen Mud Flaps installed on my Sasquatch

    Thanks. Longer ones are on their website, and I spoke to one of their techs. The XL ones are 4" longer than the Standard ones.
  17. Check Oil Level For Overfill

    Thanks. Now you got me going to out to check mine. Also, a Nov 2021 build. Agree Ford needs to issue a TSB on this. The 3rd party oil change places are going to be puzzled when they pull computer spec info saying 7 qts, add that, and then read the dipstick as most places do after completing...
  18. Check Oil Level For Overfill

    Is it that Ford used and is still using the wrong dipstick, or did only some produced 2.7 engines end with the wrong dipstick?
  19. Ate a boulder, brakes locked up

    Definitely worth calling your agent or insurance company. Sooner the better so they can look at it before repairs are done. Probably falls under the comprehensive property damage coverage section. "...sir, there was some debris in my way that my tire hit and it went up under my Bronco and...
  20. Opps I did it again! Agreed to buy a second Bronco!

    You could try to negotiate him down as far as possible for the winch without labor-install (maybe slightly above cost or at least 15% off since can get that discount on Ford Accessories website), have them put the box in the back and resell it to someone else. Might take a few hundred dollar...