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  1. Initial Take and 2k Mile Road Trip Home

    That orange cord is what MY badlands build has inside on it's MGV seats...
  2. JcrOffroad’s bolt-on steel bumper parts! Hoops & more.

    Wound up going with this one will post a pic when it gets in and on with the winch.
  3. Bronco Spare Tire Antenna Mount This one fits with no mods on our spare mount i put a wheel spacer on to move the spare back an inch
  4. JcrOffroad’s bolt-on steel bumper parts! Hoops & more.

    Could i get a close up of where the hoop meets the removed side bumper parts. I was thinking that would look good that way but first I've seen someone do it.
  5. JcrOffroad’s bolt-on steel bumper parts! Hoops & more.

    Hardest Part I had with the Winch install was messing with the sensors. If you don't have the sensors it would be a hour job tops. I still had 1 of my wires too short after un-looming them and decided to cut and add wire rather than take it all back off again. ;) Looks great Trying to Decide...
  6. ADV Fiberglass fenders on a pretty much stock Bronco

    I see a lot of people saying this is how it should look from the factory. God I hope not. When I bang my plastic fender into a tree and tear it up. For a few bucks I can buy a new one and have it snapped on in under 10 minutes. With the current fenders. I'd say most of the ones saying this do...
  7. Antenna mount for CB/GMRS/HAM

    I like that mount better but glad I did the other first now have room for both antennas
  8. Antenna mount for CB/GMRS/HAM

    Thats awesome I just ordered one as I think I'm going to run dual antenna's 1 GMRS and 1 CB with that mount in addition to the one I built I might be able to get both mounted cleanly. Looks like the Sasquatch tire size is just enough bigger than the 33's that made a difference in your mounting.
  9. Antenna mount for CB/GMRS/HAM

    Sorry bout that never saw the notice on the reply. Have not had any issues with the Badlands 33" tire so far been running this for 7 months. and yea I've been doing a good share of off-roading bumpy stuff
  10. Antenna mount for CB/GMRS/HAM

    Worked up an rear antenna mount thought I would share. Bought a Jeep rear tire mount of amazon. Bolt holes were way off as I expected. So did some cutting. After getting it on I realized the tire sat too far back for the antenna to fit. So a 1 inch wheel spacer on the rear tire carrier did...
  11. Opening rear door from inside

    Didn't think of those. Found a jdmspeed trunk door popper that looks promising will just have to see if there is enough space for the solenoid inside the latch...
  12. Opening rear door from inside

    I overland / sleep In My Jeep / Now Bronco. Need a way to add an internal opener on the bronco rear door. I have a soft top right now and can reach out and get the handle to open barely (Harder than I thought it was going to be because the handle pulls up and out). When I switch to a hard top...
  13. Painful (but responsible) solution to MIC issue decided. Announcement imminent.

    Nah just wait for the dip and buy more....😎 Oops wrong forum....
  14. Fording Deep - Our Bronco in Deep Water Showing Doors Sealed

    I've done that before too lol
  15. Fording Deep - Our Bronco in Deep Water Showing Doors Sealed

    That's nice but my dumb ass will prob have the floor drains out by accident when I get in this situation.... :ROFLMAO:
  16. Front plate mounting on bottom of bumper and bending at angle?

    Here is some close ups of the modular bumper. Looks workable to me
  17. CB Radio

    Apples said: It has been and still is, unfortunately, the default communications for many off-road enthusiasts. I know a few who have put a lot of time and money into peaking and tuning their ancient analog CBs and refuse to see the FM light, so to speak Welp.... FCC Finalizes Changes to Part...
  18. Cyber Orange Badlands Delivered...

    Dealer had me switch to a soft top early during order to make it a faster build (he said). Nothing special except I added tow hitch. And it was a High package...
  19. Cyber Orange Badlands Delivered...

    It was pretty good they called me at 10 when it showed up on the truck they did their prep and checked it over and I was onsite around 4 doing the paperwork.
  20. CYBER ORANGE Bronco Club

    Date reservation placed 7/16/2020 Order Confirmed 3/3/2021 In Production 7/19/2021 Built 7/19/2021 Shipped Est. 12 days Delivery 7/30/2021