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  1. Assuming there is no scheduling this week.

    Assuming there is no scheduling this week. Am I correct? If yes and we don’t scheduled We’re going to change to a Wildtrak Hoss 3.0 and wait it out.
  2. 04/07/2022 Bronco Scheduling

    Does anyone know if there is scheduling this week? TIA
  3. Stood up I don’t know if I can work today.

    I got stood up by Ford last night and I’m devastated. I don’t know if I’ll be able to work today. I’ve been crying uncontrollably and looking for support. I’m really not devastated just having fun. Who else got stood up yesterday?
  4. Where Can I find the Color Order Spreadsheet

    I have searched and cannot find the thread that shows the percentage of orders for each 22 color. Can some please link.
  5. March 3 scheduling emails

    Hey everybody, I looked for it but couldn’t find if there was bronco scheduling this week. I’m hoping to get the email tomorrow. Can someone please confirm? Thanks in advance.
  6. Ice Mountain Unit Showed as Built

    Ford is making progress. A family members Bronc flipped to built today! LETS GO! Any other Ice Mountain victories?
  7. Dealer Allocation - How to know?

    How can you find out if your dealer has decent allocation. Mine sells lots of fleet vehicles but I can find any numbers on this. Can anyone help?
  8. Stick on vents

    Any recommendations for stick on vents?
  9. What are you favorite board / card games?

    This is very pertinent to many on this board while we wait! :p We like sushi the card game.
  10. Changed Order. Thanks for the advice.

    Removed MIC top and roof rails. Removed tow and tube steps. Kept 2.7, Sasquatch and mid package on a Big Bend. Hopefully this will speed her up.
  11. Third row jump seat options?

    Are there any third row jump seats out there? Searched but didn’t see anything but and idea thread.
  12. Production Notification Eve

    I think tomorrow is the first production notification day of the year. If so we can all (most of us) hit refresh on our email account hoping to see an email from Ford about production dates. Hope we all get scheduled tomorrow!
  13. Since Bronco is a truck frame, does it count towards Ford's truck sales numbers?

    Do Bronco sales count towards Fords truck sales since they have the truck frame? Great way to stay #1 in truck sales.
  14. UTC - Happy New Year

    My current Bronco in EG leaving 2021 behind.
  15. Bronco Envy?

    Saw this license plate in Jackson Mississippi and was wondering if y’all think this is bronco envy? It’s a four-door Wrangler and I’ll thought it was very odd that he had bronco on his license plate.
  16. What 2023 new colors will some of us get to choose from?

    What new colors will we get to choose from with our model year 2023? I’m hoping there’s a brown. I ask because we may have to re-order for model year 2023.
  17. BB with Sas 2.7 auto comes with trail turn assist

    I just read that you get trail turn assist if you have the ten speed auto. I’m totally pumped if this is correct. Does anyone have personal experience using this? Did it seem to help while you were doing a tight turn or was it just meh?
  18. What is the Configuration of Dashboard Buttons

    Does anyone know where I could find a manual or literature that explains What the buttons are on the center of the dashboard? Couldn’t find in search. TIA
  19. Will Ford not let a Big Bend Sas

    Will Ford not let a Big Bend Sas be ordered as four door anymore? The website won’t let my select these options. TIA. BTW I searched a thread like this earlier but didn’t find anything.