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  1. Carbonized Gray Bronco | RTR Grille, Ford Hood Scoop, Roof Lights, Ditch Lights, Asfir Skids

    Looks good even if it’s not exactly how I’d do my own. More importantly they seem to be taking full advantage and enjoying their bronco to the fullest in their videos.
  2. Initial Take and 2k Mile Road Trip Home

    Checking in before someone tries to convince us that the elusive “single orange seat trim” bronco will be the most valuable known to man 75 years from now. Seriously though congratulations and what a great way to spend time breaking it in!
  3. Transmission issue

    This is exactly what was happening in the 2.7 2 Door I used at the Off-Roadeo. Initially I thought I was imagining the lag as it also never “clunked” or revealed an audible engagement. Throughout the day I never found a consistent pattern in regards to starting on a hill, whether or not I was...
  4. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    For those asking about EG sticking around for next year, I had the same worry so I asked at the Vegas off-roadeo a few months ago. A Ford ambassador and/or employee who was integral in the testing and development of many of the functional off-roading components insists EG isn’t going anywhere...
  5. Raiders' Brandon Bolden buys $150K tricked-out Ford Bronco!

    I was pulling out of my subdivision at the same time as this guy this morning. The bumper, top, and stance look good imo. I could personally live without line-x like exterior but to each his own I guess. We have an abundance of off-roading accessible from the back of our neighborhood so I’m...
  6. Let’s wager for fun and a gift card

    869 - for your sake I hope it’s sooner.
  7. Tube Doors price & part numbers released: $1250 2-Door / $2250 4-Door

    Correct, it’s a way to have some intrusion protection while not risking body work to damage. Also, and maybe more importantly to many is the ability to see the trail/spot lines and obstacles better than with full doors.
  8. Front Windows Leaking

    It’s a jeep thing, you wouldn’t under…….. I agree about the longterm worry with the frameless window. Love the concept, not so sure about the execution. My off-rodeo rig had one window issue on the drivers side and a different one on the passenger side…it was only a two door.
  9. Modular Painted Hardtop - Is it still happening in 2023?

    Yeah, not cool if it isn’t produced for 2023. Those of us who chose to 99 our day 1 reservations may have already been driving our broncos by now. I’m trying to stay positive but Fords lack of communication is maddening.
  10. Element Fire Extinguisher

    I have these in my rzr and plan to do the same in the Bronco. The ability to mount/store them within reach of occupants, while belted in the seat, was a big concern for me in vehicles where rollover isn’t out of the realm of possibility.
  11. How much are you guys paying for people's bronco sasquatch wheels and tires?

    No you’re not being cheap at all. At that rate you may as well buy aftermarket stuff. New takeoffs from wranglers were typically around $1000-$1200 once the market became saturated if I remember correctly.
  12. Thinking of ordering a Polaris RZR Pro XP 1000 while I wait for another year for my Bronco

    Thanks! You’re right they’ve gotten out of control as far as cost is concerned. I remember in 2007/8 ish when SxS’s started showing up I thought my friend was insane for spending 9k on one when I could go everywhere he did on a couple thousand dollar quad lol. Now you’re at least double and...
  13. Thinking of ordering a Polaris RZR Pro XP 1000 while I wait for another year for my Bronco

    I did exactly this a year ago and haven’t regretted it for a second. It’s helped the bronco wait, day 1 reservation, be much more tolerable. In regards to canam vs Polaris, you’ll find problems with both just like jeep vs bronco. I’m happy to say I haven’t had any issues with mine.
  14. Upgrade before sale or not?

    The best way to maximize return on mods is to go cheap. Most people see a lifted rig and don’t know the difference between a $300 rough country and $5500 properly lifted vehicle. I realize this is a different market, but Jeep dealers have made a killing selling puck lifted Jeeps with dime a...
  15. Turning in 4WD

    If you live in an area with snow/icy conditions I’d also find an empty parking lot and practice in 4WD. The vehicle will behave in a counterintuitive way at times. Example, there are times when staying on the gas or slowly decelerating is much safer than braking. Just a thought so you're not...
  16. Window screens

    Check out Deep Sleep 4 Jeeps. I have their window screens for my Jk and they work flawlessly. Only problem I see is they use the frame of the Jeeps windows to slide over from the top. Without such a frame on our broncos they’ll have to come up with another method if they choose.
  17. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    That’s great to hear! I didn’t know how Ford typically cycles through colors so your logic makes complete sense.
  18. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    I really hope EG sticks around for 2023 when my day 1 reservation with the Modular top will supposedly be built.
  19. Ford Reveals Bronco DR; Production Desert Racer With Coyote V8

    Sema pics. Not as good as the professional ones previously posted but it was still cool to see it today in person.