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  1. Beardsley lake Pinecrest, CA

    Went camping with some friends and decided to take the long way into the campsite. My buddy’s got some great video but here are a few photos I took.
  2. Bear reservoir april 2nd

    Went to see if we could access bear reservoir which is south of Lake Tahoe. Got the bronco stuck for the first time, got out pretty easy with a pull from a friend. Don’t have much to report, it was a short drive offroad and we spent the day exploring and the evening fishing. .
  3. Pismo beach March 26th

    Going to pismo beach with my 2D badlands next weekend with some friends. If anyways wants to ride around the dunes let me know.
  4. Hollister Hills, CA February 2022 Off-Road Shakedown Trip in 2-Door Badlands

    My 2D badlands and my friends met up with a local 4x4 club in the Bay Area at the end of February. I have taken my vehicle on a number of forest roads as a shake down for myself and the vehicle. This was a solid step up from that to gain a lot of confidence in the bronco and my ability’s as a...
  5. Hollister hills 02/26

    There is a bayarea_4x4_ adventures group going to Hollister hills next weekend. I’m going with some buddys in their Toyotas. Let me know if anyone here is planning on going. We are meeting at the in n out at blossom hill around 730am.
  6. Custom built 2 Dr rock slider with integrated mud flap

    I wasn’t really liking the sliders on the market for the 2 door. We are really limited on frame mounted sliders so I stared looking for a fabrication shop. I was recommended to speak with MZ_4wcustom. After checking out their Instagram I was sold. These sliders are super sturdy and hopefully...
  7. Calaveras county forest roads

    Decided to go out and explore some local fire trails, see what’s open…. And what’s closed. Haha. Starting to map it all out on Gaia. I love that you can see your Gaia map on screen BUT I wish there was some form of reporting for it. Similar to how I can mark road hazards while using waze. Any...
  8. Rear gate intelligent access and lock not working

    Had PPF installed and now the rear gate won’t lock when pressing lock button on handle. It also won’t Auto Unlock with key in pocket. Anyone else encountered this issue? I only had the car for a few hours before giving it over to PPF so I’m not even sure it has that functionality.
  9. California Sasquatch Wheels + Tires + TPMS

    Located in the Bay area, asking $2,000 OBO
  10. Sasquatch wheels and tires for sale Bay Area/Sacramento

    I have a set of 5 Sasquatch wheels and tires with 200 miles on them for sale. The wheels and tires still have tpms, ready to be mounted to your non sas bronco. Asking $2000 OBO
  11. Bad Blue 2-Door Bronco Badlands Build Journal

    Factory Buildout: Badlands 2 Door Velocity Blue High Package Sasquatch Package Tow 2.7L -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {{Exterior Modifications}} (1) White pinstripe by Mindless Pinstriping in Sacramento, CA (2) Satin PPF done by...
  12. What do you think about roof mounted snowboard racks?

    I have never had one so I’m used to putting the boards in the back of my truck. Is it a pain in the ass to remove on a vehicle this tall? I’m in a 2DR and they would be mounted at the back of the clamshell. So I imagine opening the rear gate, leaving the window down, and stepping up on the...
  13. California Looking for white painted fenders

    Looking for white painted fenders, new or like new. Will pay shipping
  14. Poll: Would you change your 2DR order to soft top?

    I am curious how many people that haven’t received a build date yet for their 2DR would do this? I am on the fence but I think I would option for the soft top then buy a painted top in 2 years when I can.
  15. New press cars and info..hopefully [update: King of Hammers Bronco]

    I found these posts that are hopefully some new bronco promo vehicles and experiences. What do you guys think ford will do this week now that orders will be underway?
  16. Moaoun updated rendering

    I really like the B pillars he rendered.
  17. Ford site update

    Anyone notice that fords website is a little more buggy than normal or is it me? I also noticed a notification that the bronco build and price is coming and to sign up for updates. Hopefully they are up to something.
  18. Trimming for tire clearance

    I plan on lifting as little as possible. Where do you anticipate rubbing? Do you think it can be easily remedied by tubular bumpers and minor trimming.?
  19. 3 Old Bronco colors

    Update: These are old Broncos. I did further digging and found the original post. SORRY FOR THE FALSE ALARM LOL