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  1. 2 door Rapid Red 2.7 Squatch in CT for $56.5K

    I just saw this and thought I'd share.
  2. A little disappointed after test drive.

    Background- I’ve owned since new a 2013 Wrangler JKU Sahara that I’ve put 150k miles on. I’m 6’2 / 230lbs. There is very little off-roading where I am, but I like to get off the pavement wherever possible. Mostly on road / daily driver miles I finally got to test drive today. 4dr badlands...
  3. Anyone else waiting to see in person and test drive before putting in an order?

    Assuming buying direct off the lot will be limited for a while once these come out, and the fact that many of us are particular in our wants which will lead to ordering, I just don't want to move on it until I can drive one. I'm almost 6'3" and while it looks like I'll fit just fine, you never...