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  1. Anybody know what this plastic piece is under the Bronco?

    Oil filter is on drivers side.
  2. Anybody know what this plastic piece is under the Bronco?

    What is it there for?
  3. Anybody know what this plastic piece is under the Bronco?

    Looks similar to the oil diverter but it's not, so I'm thinking it channels something else away. AC condensation maybe?
  4. Race Red needs to be added as a color option for 2023 MY Bronco Raptor Trim

    Yeah but not maroon. Btw, Lexus has/had an awesome red similar to the Mazda. Saw it on an LC500 in the Florida sun wearing black Oakley Prizm Polarized glasses and was blown away.
  5. Race Red needs to be added as a color option for 2023 MY Bronco Raptor Trim

    I don't think it's maroonish at all. Red/orange.
  6. $15000 Factory Hardtop

    That’s more reasonable. The description is a bit vague, I wonder if it is for 2 or 4 door? Complete?
  7. $15000 Factory Hardtop

    The hardtop is a pain in the arse. I need to put a hoist in my garage.
  8. $15000 Factory Hardtop

    I was thinking what was the point of adding the hookups? Ford screwed a bunch of folks on that one. I would be pissed. I’m still pissed I got screwed out of the dual mod top.
  9. "Cyber Orange" shackles

    Spray a little 303 or whatever tire protectant you use whenever you do your tires.
  10. "Cyber Orange" shackles

    A couple tips on installing. I put them in boiling water to soften them up a bit to get them on because they are hard to get over the ends. A couple broke when stretching them so you might want to grab an extra set. Once on they seem really durable. They're made of regular rubber so they...
  11. "Cyber Orange" shackles

    Looks like a good match. I picked up some similar shackles a while ago and had to come up with a DIY isolator. I used garden hose O-Ring washers from Home Depot. Had to wrestle with them a little bit but. Not sure if this is the final solution but I haven't thought of a better solution...
  12. Hot Pepper Red Base Bronco Budget Build

    Looks swinging baby!
  13. Garage Air Compressor and Transair Piping System

    Good Job. Not sure what the piping system costs, but copper piping from H-D might be an option for someone. I installed mine 20 years ago I used k-type copper pipe. Still holding strong. My setup is similar to yours, but I used coiled hoses from the ceiling and the reel on the wall. I have...
  14. Towing - 7 Pin harness options

    That sounds like an ingenious idea. Please share the details, looking forward to it.
  15. Towing - 7 Pin harness options

    I could be wrong but I think you're just using 4 wires on a 7 pin plug. What we want to do here is get full function 7 pin wiring in the plug.
  16. Towing - 7 Pin harness options

    So the item I received was exactly what was posted by @Rob79 which is the Tekonsha 22551 (made by Horizon Global). It is a generic 7 pin trailer hitch wiring kit with a plug that you can plug a brake controller into. I contacted Tekonsha about compatibility with the Bronco and they really...
  17. Spare tire bumper squeak!

    Napa Sil Glyde is a silicone grease made for this kind of stuff. About $12 a tube. A lot of manufacturers use it on rubber components because it doesn't cause it to degrade or swell.
  18. Do I need really the Sasquatch???

    So what's the deal with banned users? As far as ops question, I think it is well worth the money for what you get, plus warranty.
  19. Bronco Raptor Driving Impression Video = Holy $H337

    You know, the flares are the only thing that bother me about the Raptor so it's the first thing I look for. But I must say that thing looked badass and the flares were a non issue in that exterior video.