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  1. So mad at myself

    It hurt my feelings too...still pretty emo about it
  2. So mad at myself

    I am recovering from some minor PTSD from this stupid incident. at an intersection, i could not get the bronco in to reverse fast enough (as I forgot you have to pull up on the shifter to go in to reverse) and an Amtrack train dropped the plastic barricade at the train tracks on my hood. It...
  3. Hot Pepper Red Base Bronco Budget Build

    Good work...Nice wheels. Very cool
  4. Absolutely nothing wrong

    zero interest in anything bigger, rides great and love the look. Amen
  5. Absolutely nothing wrong

    Enjoying myself...
  6. markavelli

    Central California Broncos

    @RideEmCowboy 10-4 cowboy
  7. markavelli

    Central California Broncos

    Nice ride. Not sure about any activities going on out here.
  8. Anybody take delivery of your Bronco and now have buyer's remorse?

    The ride is great. What’s with all This No issues. Onward.
  9. markavelli

    Central California Broncos

    I had a reservation and it never arrived. The dealer was lame and no point even working with them or griping about their whole trip... Found what I wanted (base 2 door manual) for sale and was thankful the purchase worked out. really enjoying my first week with it.
  10. At last….stoked.

    Thank you.
  11. At last….stoked.

    Purchased today from Kyle with Greenwood Ford in Hollister. Pretty stoked.
  12. markavelli

    Central California Broncos

    congrats, looks great!
  13. Drive the Bronco (Hollister Hills)

    Had a good time as well. I went today as well. Took the old man and had a nice time. drove the 2dr Black Diamond (manual transmission). Nice event they put on and good peeps, grateful for the chance to finally drive after years of waiting-----Markavelli
  14. Bronco Order Experience(s)

    in central california will see what is out there
  15. Bronco Order Experience(s)

    not sure next steps to take from here
  16. Bronco Order Experience(s)

    Similar experience. And I was told a $5,000 dealer mark up was going to be added. Not feeling good about it here but trying to work with the dealer before I further put on blast and try to switch my order. Ordered a base 2 door, silver, no add on's but a roof rack.