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  1. Opinion: Door bags are a must

    Yes the black part is one of the reenforced corner.
  2. Opinion: Door bags are a must

    I would agree there is plenty of material but I don’t feel any extra padding down there at the bottom. I would not say they are much lighter they probably weight 5-8lbs per bag and are pretty thick. I have no concerns when I set them on the concrete floor of my shed.
  3. Skid plate purchase opinions

    When it stops raining I’ll grab a couple pics.
  4. Mabett Transmission Guard Plate Coming Soon

    Yes @Mabett do they fit over these braces?
  5. OBX vs BL for hauling dive/ski gear

    Go BL you can’t get the rubber floor in an OBX. Also if you choose leather trimmed seats you loose the rubber floor. The BL comes with front and rear lockers as well standard so you don’t have to spring for the Sasquatch package either. Cargo space is the same between all trims. You can get...
  6. GROUPBUY OPEN! ORACLE Lighting Flush Style LED Taillights for 2021-2022 Ford Bronco

    🤣🤣🤣 I wish you luck they pricey! Heck I’d buy someone’s takeoffs just for spares if they are in that price range.
  7. Opps I did it again! Agreed to buy a second Bronco!

    Should pick it up Thursday or Friday this week. Winch supposedly at cost in the box. Dealer is installing the lift and wheels and tires before it leaves the lot. I’ll either list the winch for sale for what I paid(but the ones I see for sale have sat for months or people don’t update that they...
  8. Skid plate purchase opinions

    The factory fuel tank skid is decently beefy it’s 1/4” or better thick for most of the bottom the. It time is two layers welded together. I bet it weighs 75lbs or so. At least it feels like it lol. I was a little surprised when I put mine on. I want be rock crawling in the bear future but the...
  9. Opinion: Door bags are a must

    Here are the on board storage bags. They are heavy for what they are and seem like a durable fabric.
  10. Ford cracking down on dealers -- Name matching policy getting more strict

    But they can charge even more adm to cover themselves with no penalty 🤦🤦😡
  11. Mabett Transmission Guard Plate Coming Soon

    Will this fit the 2.7 models that have the cross braces in that area? What price range do you think you’ll be in?
  12. Rear seat belts flapping violently in the wind. Is there a fix?

    It’s when the doors are off that I have the most flop. Windows and top down not really too bad.
  13. Those living with the 2.3…

    Check out some of the mustang forums and what people have done with the 2.3. Amazing numbers some extreme are over 450hp not sure how daily drivable they are at that point.
  14. Rear seat belts flapping violently in the wind. Is there a fix?

    ?? The belts are still in the same place folded or not except the center one. So not sure if this would work.
  15. Rear seat belts flapping violently in the wind. Is there a fix?

    Doesn’t help they flop even worse buckled.
  16. Rear seat belts flapping violently in the wind. Is there a fix?

    I take and run them behind the seat then through where the seats split to fold down. Put the passenger side through the drivers side then buckle it in. Pull the belts all the way out so they lock and snug them up. I’ve Heard StickerFab has a retainer for them but I haven’t ordered them yet.
  17. Non Obnoxious Dual Exhaust Options

    What’s wrong with the flow master? Besides the one offering that eliminates the muffler all together.
  18. Opinion: Door bags are a must

    I can take some pictures when I get home. The ones I have are lined with a white soft liner. And have buckles for the harness handles on top and front and rear of the bag.
  19. Opinion: Door bags are a must

    Any pics of the garage bags? I have the bags with harness that came with my bronco and they are surprisingly stout. Nice re enforced corners and I think well padded. I can’t put them on board since I have the locking drawer. But my wife’s bronco will not have the locking box right away so maybe...
  20. Soft top in the back position

    The Velcro is for the first position as it does not lock in place. All the way back should latch down and it doesn’t move. Fwiw I have never used the Velcro things even in the first position and have not had any issues. I could see if off roading it may flop but city driving going forward not a...