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  1. Initial Take and 2k Mile Road Trip Home

    So I accepted delivery of my '21 2.7L Black Diamond w/hardtop, sasquatch, and mid package a couple of weekends ago. I moved to Maryland this year so I flew back to AZ to pick it up from the dealer I ordered with, Rodeo Ford (no ADM and was an easy experience). My jaw dropped when my Uber...
  2. Sanderson and Rodeo Ford AZ Broncos (4dr BD & 2dr BL)

    I went to 2 different Bronco events the last couple weeks, 1 an official roadshow event and the other non-official, Ford driver just popped by to give the salesman a rundown. Got to see a 4dr Outerbanks soft top in black, a 4dr Black Diamond soft top in CG, and a 2dr Badlands MIC top in CG. No...
  3. Dealer Promoting Bronco6G

    I got the email below from my dealership rep this morning. Pointing order holders to Bronco Nation and "Bronco G6" for info and questions.
  4. New and future BD owner in AZ

    Greetings all. I've been lurking here since the day before the bronco reveal. Long enough to know pineapple is the only true topping for pizza, never leave interior design to an intern, and at least one of you are going to call my cactus grey bronco condom goo. I've ordered a 4dr Black Diamond...