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  1. Do running boards alone stop rocks from hitting the side body panels?

    For those with running boards (but no front mud flaps), do you feel the running boards stop rocks from hitting the side body panels if flung up by the tires? If so, what level of effectiveness would you say...all rocks stopped or most rocks or just some rocks being stopped? I have the AR...
  2. Ford Pass App broken with recent update or is it just mine?

    Noticed that my Ford Pass App is not working properly, and noted an update to the app on Feb 16. Not sure if that update broke things for everyone, or if it's just an issue with my Bronco not communicating properly with the App. The Vehicle part on the app no longer shows details like fuel...
  3. Any sensors in this area of the windshield?

    Is anyone aware of any sensors in this area of the windshield (see yellow circle on pic)? I am thinking I might put my toll tag sticker/sensor in this location on the inside (see 2nd pic). It slides up behind the plastic of the overhead switch console and is hidden out of the way, and...
  4. Soft shackle recommendations?

    Looking for some recommendations for quality soft shackles that are not crazy money.
  5. Raptor full length steps on factory rock rails - who will be first to have theirs to market?

    Which aftermarket fabricator is going to get to market first on their version of these? We have now seen better pictures of the steps on the Raptor's rock rails and they look good. I have seen @EIGHTLUG Archetype Racing and perhaps either @GOBI Racks or @GoatFab mentioned as possibly...
  6. Sill guards: Fast Intentions v. StickerFab

    Looking at adding some sill guards to our 4 door, and seems like Fast Intensions and StickFab are two very good choices for pre-fab sill guards. Curious to hear input from those who considered both and those that installed one, or the other, or perhaps both at some point...
  7. Is this suppose to have a cover?

    Noticed that the area above the rear view on wife's new bronco has wires and connector exposed (see pic). Is this area suppose to have a piece of trim to cover the connections?
  8. Fog lights: Amber or Clear?

    What is the better choice if adding SAE fog lights to the modular bumper? Amber? Clear? Planning to replace the dash headlight switch with the one that has the foglight button and connecting the fogs to the existing fog wire harness.
  9. Anyone get their Ford Pass Points from Planet Ford?

    Early reservation holder for First Edition and took delivery in December. We already received the 42,000 purchase points, but also should be receiving 200,000 points for the Roof Bonus as a First Edition owner, and 20,000 points for Reservationist Thank You Bonus. Trying to find if anyone on...
  10. Tint recommendations for front windows on First Edition

    What is the recommendation for front window tint on the Bronco? Located in north Texas and have a 4 door FE (Area 51). Usually the dealers always throw the tint on the vehicles down here but not this time for whatever reason. So, I'm having to figure it out.
  11. Ford Extended Warranty - Zeigler v. Flood?

    Looking at buying the Ford PremiumCare extended service plan from either Zeigler or Flood. Other than price differences between the two, is one better than the other to buy from?
  12. Modular bumper pocket lights tied into the existing headlight's automatic/operation system?

    Currently looking into options for lights to go in the pockets of the modular bumper (probably the BD system from 4x4TruckLED lights) and thinking about wiring them without using the uplifter switches and tapping into the existing headlight lighting system to piggyback on it. Make them more...
  13. Adjust window drop for door opening?

    Is there an easy adjustment that can be made to adjust or reset the window drop operation when opening the door? Window for the rear passenger side does not drop enough/or quick enough when opening the door causing it catch on the rubber seal on door frame. (I could bring it in for warranty...
  14. Rear license plate frame

    Looking for a good quality rear license plate frame for our First Edition and wanted to see what the 6G members have come up with. (I'm not a big fan of having a dealer's frame on there and that came off right away). Found a simple black metal frame on Amazon and it looks okay but curious to...