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  1. My Bronco is never coming

    There is no question that Webasto completely screwed the pooch on their new factory. But I can't think of any industry where the prime does not own the tooling. Even when I have something manufactured by a sub, my company owns the tooling, and can recall it at any time.
  2. My Bronco is never coming

    If the vast majority of your dealer's customers ordered the hard top, then ordering a 4 door soft top (without tow) could reasonably get you a Bronco in 3-4 months. Ford never invested into enough tooling to make all the hard tops ordered. As a result, they are still building soft tops at 2-3...
  3. Pricing question

    Yes, but it is somewhat complicated. The MY 21 to MY 22 price protection is a digital certificate. The MY 22 to MY 22.5 is a refund to the dealer 45 days after sale. If they are a small dealer, they may want you to pay the 22 to 22.5 increase, and then refund it to you once they get their...
  4. Texas May sell my two-door...

    I ran a two door the entire time the kids were growing up. And a 2-door Bronco has a lot more room than a Mustang. In Phoenix, someone would list a Bronco like that for $58-60k. 2-doors are hard to come by. Shame it's an automatic or it would be even more desirable.
  5. Jeep Wrangler Owner (Bronco on order) - I've got questions

    4-door bronco is super cramped due to the short doors and the B-pillar jabbing you in the shoulder, 2-door is plenty roomy. I've had jeeps before, and I every time I think about getting another one I remember that every one I ever had had electrical issues, and the parts were way more...
  6. OBX vs BL for hauling dive/ski gear

    Wife's F-150 has a locking rear, was actually really handy when I was crossing an arroyo. My Previous two F-150s had factory limited slips. My Expedition does not, which is how I got stuck in my own driveway.
  7. OBX vs BL for hauling dive/ski gear

    Bronco has an open rear though. Most of my half ton trucks have had a Posi rear end.
  8. OBX vs BL for hauling dive/ski gear

    If you ever need to drive on the beach, having the Badlands with the front and rear locker would be really handy/peace-of-mind.
  9. So mad at myself

    I think the hood can just be popped out by a good dent guy, have to see if the paint is actually cracked. Even if it ended up with a little ripple, I'd be adding a bug deflector, so you'd never see it. Don't know about the grill. And along with everyone else, I think it's the perfect...
  10. They are coming!

    Yeah, it's technically 0.9 gallons larger. But my GT gets 21 in town, and 26 on the freeway. So, I'm going to have to buy gas more than once a week in the Bronco. Really like that 34 gallon tank in the wife's Expy.
  11. Gullwing and molle panels for hardtop window [Velox Offroad]

    I don't think I would want one on both sides, but just the driver's side would be pretty slick.
  12. 2 Door for Taller Driver

    I'm only 5'10" but found the 4-door way to cramped for a daily driver.
  13. Ford cracking down on dealers -- Name matching policy getting more strict

    We have day one people waiting on Base models. The main constraint is still the MIC top. Ford never invested into enough molds/tooling to meet demand. I think they simply decided that they didn't want to spend the capital to build more molds in anticipation that in a couple years demand...
  14. Ford cracking down on dealers -- Name matching policy getting more strict

    When they started scheduling, they had about 140k orders on 200k reservations. God knows what it was when they finally shut off reservations, which didn't shut off orders. Of those orders, about half were reserved in the 1st 72 hours. There is no reason someone who reserved on day one should...
  15. Ford cracking down on dealers -- Name matching policy getting more strict

    I have absolutely zero issues putting down $500 or $1000 on a vehicle I am going to have built and delivered in 4-8 weeks. I'd have a pretty big issue on doing so on a vehicle that Ford "may or may not build in the next 2-years"
  16. Ford cracking down on dealers -- Name matching policy getting more strict

    And every damn one of them was either white or black, maybe silver if you were lucky. You know how ecstatic my wife was when the dealer actually had a Blue F-150 for a change? For 60+ years you have been able to order a Ford configured the way you want (within bounds), it's just that most...
  17. 27 MPG!

    Ecoboost engines are weird. My wife's F150 will get 21 on the freeway, and 27 on main (section line) city streets. (where you can set your cruise control to 50). Soon as you get any stop/go traffic it goes down to around 18, and the computer shows the "instantaneous mileage" while merging...
  18. VW Scout EV coming in off-road capable SUV and Pickup forms

    Ford wanted to use the Scout name for the Bronco Sport, but VW wanted too much to license the name. VW got the IP when they bought International's transmission division.
  19. Putting 35s on

    I grenaded a transmission on I-10 between Phoenix and Quartzite. It's posted 75. Left an 80 ft skid and put flat spots on two brand new tires.
  20. Putting 35s on

    78 is... considerably lower than what I would consider interstate speed, at least out west. Anything under 85-90 will have people passing you on both sides flipping you the bird.