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  1. The Unthinkable Just Happened

    Congrats. I dumped my Bronco dream for something else as well. Same price as a loaded Wildtrak but a lot more goodies inside. Couldnt be happier.
  2. Have you canceled your reservation? Yes or No simple poll

    Night 1 reservation. Will be cancelling at some point. I honestly stopped loving the bronco. The Ford delays and pricing mess didnt help one bit either. I still like how it looks but i just dont want to own one anymore. I bought a different new vehicle and got everything i wanted. so...
  3. A lot of you just moved up another spot in line...

    Backed out and buying something else. I reserved on July 14th at 5am. this is your early Christmas present from me. Id leave the forum but id miss the chair throwing. So im sticking around? enjoy your Broncos!
  4. Compared to a Defender - some general thoughts and concerns.

    Defender looks awesome. Id be worried about reliability tho...
  5. Why go 2-door unless you have to?

    Doors on / roof on —— 2 door looks better Doors off / roof off —— 4 door looks better im probably going with the 2 door (we have a van and a sedan as well), But the 4 door is a badass and just as much of a Bronco as the 2 door.
  6. Bronco Hard Top How-to Video: Remove Roof Rack, Panels and Hardtop

    Can you just take the back part of the roof off (leaving the panel covering the front seats?).
  7. LAST CALL: Roof Rails for 2-door Bronco? Pros vs. Cons? After Market?

    They make the Bronco look better to be honest. Just wondering how tough it will be to take these MF’ers off when its time for open air
  8. Anyone's dealer requiring large ($1k) deposit?

    I just got asked for a $2k deposit. i then proceeded to call Ford and I transferred my reservation lmao
  9. Dealer Requested Deposit Amount

    2k is ridiculous. Mine asked for the same thing. I changed my reservation that day.
  10. Is the sandstone interior really this bad?

    WT leather is nice. WT cloth is awful.
  11. I’m out to!!!

    Yes. Two more spots baby! thanks!
  12. Is anybody considering switching from selling your current vehicle to keeping it?

    I have a 2010 civic. Not worth any more than $2k so why trade it in? It’ll be my other car when i dont want to take the Bronco.
  13. Why buy now and settle instead of waiting??

    I guess there’s a potential collectibility factor for 2021 MY. -manual transmission -2 door -any color that doesn't last past year 1. I could see the manual and 2 door maybe disappearing by the late 2020s based on sales. Who knows? i wouldnt count on a huge collectibility factor tho for...
  14. The stupid questions thread

    In a 2 door can i remove just one backseat? Pretty sure but no better thread to ask
  15. Why buy now and settle instead of waiting??

    MIC top is my only complaint. I like my color. Like everything else. (I actually like the Wildtrak interior LOL). Im moving forward. Im getting an awesome Granger-like deal and i worry that the dealerships wont be offering jack $hit for 2022’s. some near me are already doing ADM.
  16. Decided on a 2-door and feel so much better!

    After going back and forth since April ive decided on a 2 door Wildtrak. our youngest is 7. The other kids are in college. We still have a fairly new Odyssey that we’re keeping. weird question but is anyone planning on removing just 1 backseat? Im considering it for added room.
  17. Availability / Timing of Painted Roof (be it black, white or matching)?

    Wildtrak.....thinking about having MIC roof and the flares painted black to match the grill am i wrong in thinking of MIC to feel like the top of a damn cooler?
  18. Is anyone else considering a Bronco that is overkill for your daily use...but looks so cool you want to buy it anyway?

    Hell yeah man. Live your life. I wish i could like this post more than one F’ing time.