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  1. What do eco, sport and normal drive modes mean on a manual transmission?

    Never used Eco mode but I suspect it softens the throttle response. Some (like me) think this is not conducive to economy as I’ve read that it’s more economical to quickly get to speed rather than slowing speed up.
  2. Rear seat belts flapping violently in the wind. Is there a fix?

    I was going to suggest they try this as well. Seems like a logical thing to test out. Glad it works.
  3. Race Red needs to be added as a color option for 2023 MY Bronco Raptor Trim

    I’m much more a shiny bright metallic paint guy over the melted crayon non-metallic paints in general. Many exceptions though - lots of great neon colours and bright non-metallic paints out there, just not available on Bronco.
  4. Race Red needs to be added as a color option for 2023 MY Bronco Raptor Trim

    Best red on the market right now is that one Mazda is using, particularly on their CX-30. Looove that colour, especially when viewed wearing rose-coloured sunglasses. Race Red was my obvious 2nd choice behind Cyber Orange. I seem to alternate between red Fords and...
  5. Base Bronco Leveling

    Affordable and adjustable leveling kit:
  6. I feel gypped by Ford on my cup holders (manual vs auto)

    I have an MT and don’t have issues with drinks rattling in the cup holders, nor are the window buttons that difficult to operate. In fact, I didn’t know of the differences you mention as I’ve not driven an automatic. All that being said, I’m not sure ragging on Ford for some (likely) necessary...
  7. Suggestions for dash cams?

    Appreciate the notice - I’ll edit my post. The 12” screen is pretty sweet, I’m now glad it came with the Ford 360 cams that I late-added to my build.
  8. Suggestions for dash cams?

    Well, now I’m not sure though I was when I typed that message! I do know that my parking mode works correctly, as do my cameras. Can you check and see if I have my labels backwards with fuses 29 and 35? My Bronco is currently an hour away from me. Note I have a Badlands with the High Package...
  9. Whose sweet ride is this in Round Rock TX area?

    I wish they would do some doxxing on the container ships with the Bronco accessories. Get some dox workers busy and off the blox. Those guys are on the clox. Time to go check my stox. 🤡
  10. Headlights turning on when switched off

    Well, if you’re like me you stop hitting your knee once you get used to it. I’m also used to reaching for the e-brake control now (use it all the time with the manual transmission) where it was awkward at first. Sometimes it’s just getting used to something new. I also now naturally use the...
  11. Catch can needed?

    UPR recommends you dump it weekly or even daily during the cold months. I installed the drain line option with the drain valve where I can easily reach it. I find the need to drain it corresponds to how much use - sometimes i’ll go 2 weeks in the winter before draining. I park in a heated...
  12. Catch can needed?

    I’ve had a catch can on my 2013 Focus ST since new, one on my 2.7 in my 2019 F150, and I installed one on my 2.3l. The winter emulsion collected is mainly condensed water, and fuel from the cold start. The oil blow by is the gunk at the bottom and is not that big a quantity. In the summer you’ll...
  13. Hero Switches

    Odd - that’s like buying a Kokopelli idol in Hawai’i… 🤔
  14. Hero Switches

    Impulse line at the Kona Airport gift shop!
  15. What is this button?

    Reminder to jump out the passenger-side door when driving over land mines.
  16. Road Trip: BC to Las Vegas

    As has been said above, avoid the Interstates. You should consider Lolo Pass (assuming it’s open now) and possibly detouring to Jackson with a side trip to the sand dunes outside Rexburg, through Yellowstone and onto Moab through a multitude of routes behind the Wasatch Mountains. Whichever way...
  17. Aeroskin lightshield pro

    I sense drilling and/or bodgey wiring routing is required…
  18. 2.3 versus 2.7

    I was destined to have the 2.3 because I had to have the 7MT. I added the sprint booster to the pedal. I have the 2.7 in my F150 Lariat Sport. That said, I have no complaints with the 2.3/7MT combo. Plenty of power, no regrets. I like the simpler motor and much lower cost of the 2.3/7MT...
  19. Electric Vehicles

    I’ll weigh in with a simpler helper as well. There is a law of conservation of energy, and it basically says 2 things: you cannot get more energy out of a system than what is put into it, and not energy conversion is 100% efficient. When you consider this, the idea of a perpetual motion machine...