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  1. Torque Converter Whine

    Anyone else got something that sounds like torque converter/transmission whine? Didn't notice it the last couple days but it's very noticeable today. Little bit of googling said it was semi-normal for the 10r80, didn't see anything about the 10r60 though. Haven't heard it in any other 10 spds...
  2. 2 Door Outer Banks in AMB w/ roof rack

    My dealer got their mannequin this week and I had the pleasure of driving it yesterday. I didn't want to give it back! What a treat this was to drive. I ordered a 4 door for looks and practicality, but this 2 door with the 2.7 V6 was a blast. I'm not going to do a crazy long review or anything...
  3. I bought a hold-me-over vehicle today

    Whoops Traded in the RS this morning, just couldn't help myself. Probably gonna lose my ass when I swap this thing for a Bronco in 4 months 🤣 Oh well, can't take it with ya. It's a 2019 with 2,100 miles on it.
  4. New guy from Alaska

    Hello from a little town in AK. I'm generally more of a lurker but thought I'd toss up an introduction. Been watching the Bronco for what feels like forever and am ridiculously excited that it's nearly here. I've been wanting to build an adventure rig for a couple years and have always been a...