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  1. Two Broncos and a Jeep Run Compressor Trail

    On 5/15 at about 10am we all met in Mullan, Idaho where the Jeep was unloaded off the trailer and the Broncos aired down. From there it was just a few minutes drive to the trailhead. 3 Broncos came out, my BL on 35s, a CO BL on 37s with 3.5" lift, and a GC BB on Sasquatch wheels. Unfortunately...
  2. Ate a boulder, brakes locked up

    So I'll preface this by saying I sucked up a boulder and it trashed my brake line and ABS sensor. Maybe that's all that's causing this, but why both sides? Both my front brakes locked up solid. I was able to get them to spin by bleeding them but the boulder side locked up again as soon as I...
  3. 12" screen side panel configuration

    Does anyone know of a way to delete unwanted "cards"? I'd like to trim it down to fewer options. For example, I don't ever want to see factory nav show there.
  4. Boise: Anyone up for wheeling Memorial Day weekend?

    Any locals what to hit some trails? I'm thinking of driving down to see my folks and doing a little wheeling while I'm there. It'd be great to get a group together.
  5. Exploring off-the-shelf tie rod upgrades

    *Edit* Results on page 7! Link: I ordered a spare inner tie rod and once I can pull measurements off it am going to be doing some investigating on heavier duty tie rods that will interchange. Once I...
  6. 3 Badlands earn a BoH at Tillamook Forest

    It doesn't count of course since we're not Jeeps but @38shoptruck, @Captain Rich, and I ran the Badge of Honor trail Cedar Tree (plus a little extra) in Tillamook Forest on 4/9. 10/10 would recommend.
  7. Driver airbag cracking

    I could swear I saw a thread about this but I can't find it now. Or maybe it was on Zuckbook. At any rate I've seen a picture of an airbag cover cracked completely open around the horse. I noticed today mine is starting to split. Edit: Found it, a post by @Paul Gagnon in a cracked mirror...
  8. No manual for Australian new Ranger

    I know there was some speculation the Bronco 7MT might make it into the new Ranger. Not in Australia at least.
  9. Good paint color match for OEM bumpers, sliders, etc.?

    Has anyone found a paint that's a good match to OEM? I tried Rustoleum Black Hammerite and it's closer to carb gray and too glossy as well. I have some modifications planned for the wings of mod bumper next and want them to match the center part.
  10. Adding rub rails to stock rock sliders

    I was all set to bend up a pair of rails myself but it turns out DIY kits are already out there for 07-18 Jeep JKs which seem to be the right length for a 2dr Bronco. For roughly 2 bills, I found 2 options I'm considering. I can't buy steel and give my time any value for that price. Stay tuned...
  11. Door handle lock buttons

    Does anyone else have trouble getting the doors to lock with the "buttons" on the handles? They only work about half the time. When it's acting up none of the doors will do it so I know it's not just a single button malfunction.
  12. Functions that disable Auto Start/Stop

    This might belong in a different sub forum... I haven't seen one so I was thinking about getting a list going of things that disable A/S/S. I know A/C and the 120v plug are supposed to do it, what else? I think defrost does (because it uses A/C), and maybe the seat heaters? (I ask for the...
  13. Slow/buggy 2/28

    Getting all kinds of errors and pages not loading today. Just this site.
  14. Fuel grade effects on MPG

    There's been plenty of thoughts on the relationship between octane and mileage, and in my limited testing premium does seem to give a small boost. Well C&D did some testing. No Broncos, but they did have a 3.5EB F150. Interestingly enough, the highest percentage gain was with the F150. Still...
  15. Spare tire rubber bumpers

    I need a bumper about 1/2" taller. I was thinking about putting a spacer behind mine but they're only held on with those cheesy push clips and it's not long enough for both. Maybe base bumpers are longer?
  16. Washington Set of 5 standard Badlands wheels and tires - 1700 miles on 4

    Basically new. Some light offroading one time, fully aired up. Nothing that chewed them up. Complete with original TPMS sensors and lug nuts. Located in Spokane WA but I travel a little here and there and might be able to arrange something. $1200 or make an offer.
  17. Inexpensive TPMS sensors

    ********EDIT: I'm withdrawing my recommendation.********** TPMS sensors have been covered before but I'm just putting this out there for anyone uncertain about which cheap ones work. These worked flawlessly and were displaying updated pressure by the time I could toggle to the right screen. 4...
  18. Tire wear trends so far

    Those of you with some decent miles already, are you noticing the rears wearing faster or is it pretty equal all around?
  19. Rigs and Coffee, Post Falls ID, 2/19

    Not much of a trip I guess but took the BL out to mingle with the hordes of Jeeps. Only Bronco there and 1 of only 2 Fords. Pulling out of my neighborhood I found a EG BD. Got there a little after it started and parked way in the back. Phones whipped out as I drove through but only a few...
  20. Adding a grab handle to 2dr B pillar

    This is something a lot of people might balk at but I'm looking into adding a grab handle to the B pillar at head level. There's plenty of options out there for handles, I added a couple. For starters the inside trim has to come off to see if the structure will support it. Rivnuts might be the...