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  1. Good trip (4000 miles) to see real highway mileage of Bronco 2.7L

    Just completed a 6500km (4000 miles) trip from New Brunswick, Canada to Florida and back. Got 11.8 lit/100kms (19.93 mpg) on the 3500kms (2175 miles) from home to Florida and some additional driving while there. Return home roughly 3000kms or 1850 miles, Averaged 12.6 lit/100kms (18.667 mpg /...
  2. Bestop Trektop Slantback soft top finally installed

    Finally got the weather nice enough to get the MIC top off and the new Bestop soft top on. Easy install overall if you are hands on at all. Bestop YouTube video will be your best option along with the installation manual. I’d say it was about 3 hours and a bit for me to get it on once I verified...
  3. Window sticker bottom date

    Likely dumb question but does the date on bottom of window sticker have any significance? Mine keeps changing. Just went to 9/14/2021 today and was most recently 9/06/2021