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  1. Big Bend vs. Badlands Rims

    I am wanting to swap out my standard Big Bend wheels (17x7.5) for standard Badlands wheels (17x8) with 275/R70/17 tires (32"). Would there be a fitment issue going from a 7.5" rim to an 8" rim? Both of these rims have a +55 offset.
  2. Tire Size / Recalibration Input Wanted

    I want to replace the 255s on my BB (when it gets here) with 275s. Is there a minimum size difference that requires recalibration? The 255R75/17s are practically the same diameter as the 275R70/17s (1/10 of an inch bigger). At 65mph, the difference is only .2 mph faster. I have never swapped...
  3. Outer Banks Tire and Wheel Options

    I was late to the game with an April 2021 reservation for a 2 door Badlands. I choose that model because I like the look of the standard 33s and I want the Lux package. I'm not interested in the Sasquatch package, as this will be a daily driver for me and rarely taken off-road. So, I began to...