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  1. My Bronco is never coming

    I no longer care about this vehicle. I'll wait but the excitement is gone. When I see one on the road, which is now often, I think 'there's another one.' When friends and coworkers ask (I've long given up talking about Bronco) I speak with disdain about @Ford Motor Company, their launch, and...
  2. 🚨 Attention MGV Owners 🚨

    @Ford Motor Company
  3. BRONCO grille letter attachment

    So what would I need if I wanted to paint my grill but retain the stock letters? Taping/stickering seems iffy.
  4. Bronco Roof Hammock - New Arrival with 15% off code. Two days.

    Is there a belt? I mean how do you not fall out while someone is driving down the road? Seems dangerous.
  5. Mount needed for Trekking Poles

    Better be secure or you have a javelin headed to your dome in the event of an accident. How much room do sticks really take up?
  6. The whole process tooks only 3 months 😱🫣

    No one is surprised which is the unfortunate part of this whole thing. Hang in there Stay Pumped Fly a flag Have a calendar Order a different ford Your bronco will be ready when we get around to it
  7. New Tuffy Products

    That's exactly what I want for Bronco along with the tailgate lockbox so long as it can hold a fair amount of weight as a table.
  8. Gaming the system is causing the back log.

    Not THAT many people placed additional orders. Even if it was 5000 duplicates, MAP could knock it out in a few weeks. Ford broke their own system that they set up.
  9. Percentage of users that really need Badlands? (edit correction)

    I wanted Lux, wife wanted MGV/washout interior. Had no other choice.
  10. Everglades take rate?

    I was gonna start the same thread a few weeks ago but I felt like I knew the answer. It's a flop.
  11. ⚠️EZ-Lift Soft Top Assist Damage⚠️

    The paint seems to be an easy-ish fix but the potential overstretch would be a greater concern. Man, I really wanted this product but am likely to wait it out. Great concept but possibly more variables in play than was realized.
  12. Ford Points Limited Options

    Use it when time for tires
  13. Spent an afternoon with the Bronco EVERGLADES Special Edition in Michigan

    Anyone actually raise their hand for an Everglades? I thought about starting a thread about the trim that nobody wants and no one asked for to see who was actually interested in this... thing.