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  1. Mabett Front Winch Bumpers

    I am definitely interested.. don’t have camera, ACC, so what you have it perfect.
  2. Alternator stopped working (5,000 miles)

    My dealer was very easy with the repair. They just said it would be covered by warranty. I am not sure how they could determine negligent driving. Ford has a published water fording that is higher than the alternator. So the alternator is going to get wet. Just a bad location if it is that...
  3. 4 wheeling and camping in the mid Atlantic

    Located on Kent Island… We do some local trips and then try to get to a place like the Cove Campground once or twice a year. The Cove is only a few hour drive and is a great set up!
  4. Bronco Off-Roading Events / Get Togethers in Mid-Atlantic area?

    I am curious whether any particular group is starting to organize some Bronco Off-Roading events (like the Jeep/Land Rover events). I am in Maryland and typically like to do 3-4 weekend off-roading trips (have done the Cove - Virginia - awesome! and a few other Land Rover events - MAR, etc.)...
  5. 4 wheeling and camping in the mid Atlantic

    Where are you located?
  6. Alternator stopped working (5,000 miles)

    “What I claim”?? I am relaying with the dealer told me. Internal failure of the alternator (not the connectors). On the positive side, Ford reached out to me via private messenger on this site. Called me within 24 hours. Called the dealer to get an update. Tried to get me a loaner from...
  7. Alternator stopped working (5,000 miles)

    Unfortunately, I did go through muddy water. Alternator failed within a week. Was not submerged and vehicle was never stopped in water. Up to this point, I was absolutely loving the Bronco. Now I am really concerned about its potential limitations (and pissed that I am stranded for our...
  8. Alternator stopped working (5,000 miles)

    The alternator is located on the bottom of the engine. My understanding is that Jeep and the Land Rovers have them on top of the engine. Apparently if the alternator gets wet, it will fail. Ford advertised a 33.5” Water Fording ability but the alternator sits below 33.5”. This is a major...
  9. Alternator stopped working (5,000 miles)

    Update. The alternator has failed. The dealer has ordered a new one. Ford Customer Service did call. Unfortunately, there is nothing they can do. The bigger concern and it is a HUGE concern - the alternator can’t get wet. It is mounted low in the engine (below the 33.5 water fording...
  10. Alternator stopped working (5,000 miles)

    Truck was towed to the dealer this morning using Ford Roadside Assistance. Dealer scheduled it for service tomorrow morning at 7:30 am. Hoping this is not a major issue and can be addressed same day. I appreciate Ford reaching out via this forum to offer assistance. I did have a minor issue...
  11. Alternator stopped working (5,000 miles)

    Having it towed to the dealer today for service tomorrow.
  12. Alternator stopped working (5,000 miles)

    Yes, gauge says 12.2V. Should be 13.9 to 14s. When it came back on, it jumped from 12.2V to 13.9. On the Bronco Sport forum there was a similar issue. Seems the alternator connector corroded. I did take it off roading and the bottom half of the engine bay did get wet from splashing...
  13. Alternator stopped working (5,000 miles)

    Drove my Badlands 2.7 mid package tonight. Got a warning that my charging system needed service and I wasn’t getting a charge. The alternator came back on. Then stopped again - same thing happened and it came back on. Third drive, the alternator never started working. Curious if anyone has...
  14. Maryland - Chime in!

    There are several in the Annapolis area. Ironically, there is a black diamond and badlands on the same street (on-street parking).
  15. Window closing issue

    I used the method described in this thread… it worked and no more issues
  16. Off roading camping trip (Bronco, LR3 and D90) towing trailer (w/ mudding video)

    Just got back from a two night camping trip at the Cove Campground. The Bronco Badlands (non-sas) was a beast. It performed excellent through all obstacles. Some thoughts: 1) I towed the camper trailer with go-kart on the front. The truck was great at towing. No problem hitting 70+ speeds...
  17. Window closing issue

    4 door badlands with mid-package… The rear passenger side door is having issues with the window. At first it wouldn’t close the last inch. Now it won’t retract and extend when you open/close the door. The impact is that the window does not seat in the seal but against the seal. I have 4K...
  18. Mid-Atlantic Bronco Event?

    Didn’t make it to the Cove last weekend due to a variety of factors, including flooding.. Now planning on going Nov 12-14. Let me know if you are interested.
  19. Anyone interested in Mid-Atlantic (Virginia - western) Off Road Trip Oct 28-Oct 31 ?

    Planning an off road gathering the weekend of October 28 (Thur) and returning October 31 (Sunday). About 1.5 hours west of Washington, D.C. Any new Bronco owners interested? Camping on site and great trails.
  20. Mid-Atlantic Bronco Event?

    I am planning a trip to the Cove Friday, October 29 to Oct 31. PM if interested in joining.