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  1. SVC's New Coil Spacer Lift!

    Looks good! So I see they must be shipping now?
  2. Fast Intentions 2.7L & 2.3L Axle-Back Exhaust AVAILABLE NOW!!!

    Youtube video on first post of this thread has dyno numbers. Skip to about 7:55
  3. Non-factory tow hacks?

    Might want to check out post #209 here:
  4. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    I texted some with my dealer this morning and she said they got 2 Broncos in this week for the first time in several weeks. She said they were both dirt mountain ones that were built back in Jan which one was hers so I was happy for her. She said counting mine they are only waiting on 4 that...
  5. Badlands on 35x12.5x17's...Does it even lift Bro?

    Where did you get the light bar in the bull bar?
  6. Badlands on 35x12.5x17's...Does it even lift Bro?

    Looks great! This is pretty much going to be my exact setup too. Wheels and tires are here but still no Bronco after being built since 4/14. I have KMC wheels and getting the same lift too. Please post some pics after the lift too.
  7. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    So I did chat this morning since I think I was told previously that their system updates on Friday. So my ETA was 5/15-521. Like the previous one's it was a range of about a week ending on Saturday. Don't know if this means anything or not but today she said the ETA is now 5/26 which is next...
  8. Best fog light kit under $500? Anyone? Bueller?

    which ones did you get? Lots of options.
  9. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    Here is the response I got from the trucking company: Hi Kevin, Unfortunately, we are not authorized to provide any information on the delivery status of vehicles. I am sorry, I wish I had a better answer! I can assure you, however, that we are moving vehicles as quickly and safely as...
  10. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    Congrats!! I had hoped mine might come at the same time but apparently no such luck... I also just tried a different tactic for information. I used the contact info on the palsapp website to see if they might have any estimates on a shipping date.
  11. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    I tried to get the certificate but didn't qualify because I didn't have a reservation. I have printed out all of that info from the Ford website to take with me, and I also had a signed price sheet with the original price. My dealer said to bring all of that with me and they have been "sending...
  12. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    Mine is a medium I guess but the largest in this area. I think they said maybe sell 200-250 a month usually. I think they are not doing great like most now. Their website only shows 16 new cars in stock.
  13. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    I just did a chat session and asked specifically about a secondary status. They said the only thing showing was awaiting shipment and convoy scheduling hold and still showing ETA 5/15-5/21.
  14. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    Yeah same here. On day 34 after being built and was really hoping to have it by my 50th B-Day tomorrow, but obviously isn't happening. Just really wondering what in the world is going on that they seem to have ZERO trucks leaving the plant? In March my dealer said they were getting trucks...
  15. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    With all of this obvious backlog of truck shipping I really think @Ford Motor Company should seriously consider an option to go ahead and finalize the purchasing paperwork at the dealership then pick up the Bronco in person at MAP. :unsure:
  16. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    I guess mine isn't helping the average sitting at 28 days now :(
  17. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    Almost one month now since I got my built email. I think this is more painful now knowing it is built just sitting in a lot somewhere and also walking by the growing pile of parts in my garage every morning. I was wondering if any of you guys have had any luck or got any useful information...
  18. Is Palsapp worth checking

    Just wondering if anyone, who has tracked shipping lately, has gotten any useful information from checking the palsapp website? Mine has been built "awaiting shipment" now for about a month. I keep checking and palsapp both hoping for updates. Thanks!
  19. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    Today I DM'ed the lady from Facebook that sent me my assembly line pic to see if she had any inside info on the shipping delays. She just said she did not as that is all handled by third party trucking companies.
  20. Bronco Gear Hooks For Cargo Area Now Available! [Sinister CNC]

    Still don't have my Bronco to install mine, but should be any day now as it has been built and "awaiting shipment" since 4/14. I have seen several copycat versions of yours popping up in several places also.