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  1. Honest question

    Sadly most Americans are numb to corporations lying ,covering things up , not communicating ,that they just turn a blind eye to the whole mess . It’s like listening to a politician on a TV commercial or for that matter on a news channel . By the bronco ,don’t buy the bronco Ford knows someone...
  2. Any Dealer Demos showing up yet?

    Not yet😳
  3. 🎥 A Happy Father’s Day Video For All Bronco Dads (Tear Jerker)

    I think that would make any man cry. i’m sorry you had to see that .
  4. 🎥 A Happy Father’s Day Video For All Bronco Dads (Tear Jerker)

    Dammit now my T-shirt is all wet . ( thank God no one‘s around ) So many scenarios for so many people just like the one in the video. But it’s always worth it . I don’t need to see any more videos like this one . I never saw my father cry And I Try damn hard to never let anyone else see me...
  5. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    That’s what she said 😮🤣🤣
  6. Getting Despondent

    You definitely are not alone you definitely are not the only one with those types of feelings. I think this is one of those situations where we can all overthink. I’ve left my reservation in tact but I went out and bought a brand new car a few days ago I’ll enjoy it until the Bronco comes at...
  7. Sneaky dealership story

    Power does what it wants. They don’t call them stealerships for no reason. Any dealership that puts on ADM‘S Should be remembered for their consideration to their customers in the future but that’s just my opinion some people have no problem overpaying they’ve got the money they can do it , it...
  8. THE my Bronco production build date has been DELAYED / MOVED BACK thread

    I wonder if anybody has written a list of how many excuses so far forward has come up with ,that number is constantly growing.When my dealer calls me and says your Bronco is on our lot and I can sit in it then maybe just maybe I’ll believe it’s there. Ford is always working on building our...
  9. The cost of new cars in the US is up 12% in a year.

    I don’t think that well work . Ford would probably do what Chevrolet does with the Corvette and charge you more 😒. They will always find away .
  10. Anyone else feeling relaxed about their Bronco order?

    You will appreciate your Bronco even more when it comes .you are one of the lucky ones . 👍
  11. The cost of new cars in the US is up 12% in a year.

    The sales tax on my Bronco would have MORE than paid for my new 1970 challenger R/T when I got out of the Army. There is NO sense in what we have to live with in these times. I’m very happy I’m concerned old 😱🤣
  12. The cost of new cars in the US is up 12% in a year.

    If there’s a loophole to be found I’m sure they will find it. You really never know until you have to write the check 😳
  13. Good bye bronco

    We all do sarcasm really well😂😊😊😊😳
  14. I ordered a Jeep today..

    I had a change of heart on the JL and decided I would just buy a 22 civic for now and wait for the bronco to come that will take a lot of pressure off our situation and I’ll deal with Civic when the time comes. Now I can just read the form and relax and enjoy. A lot of people here have a great...
  15. Do you fit the Ford demographic?

    Just added a new 2022 Honda Civic touring . This may be a gamble the way things are going with the Bronco I’m guessing it will come in about a year from now. So I’ll drive the civic and when the Bronco comes I’ll figure things out then. Hell maybe I’ll get lucky and get what I paid for it if...
  16. 10R60 Automatic Transmission Specs / Gear Ratios in 2021 Bronco

    You can’t be wrong. You put it on the internet 🤣🤣
  17. Dealer accidentally canceled update

    I for one don’t blame you at all. There are a lot of other great cars out there to be excited about and purchase good luck to you. At least now the break up is final and you can begin to heal.
  18. Just me or has the Bronco hype hit a wall?

    Just for other Brands. The bronco 2022 Doesn’t open orders until like December
  19. Just me or has the Bronco hype hit a wall?

    Could you imagine if you where one of the people that put down a non refundable deposit with some bone headed dealer. Now they hold your money and just laugh.🤨