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  1. Mabett Sunken Brush Guard that doesn't block "BRONCO" letters

    Any news on when this will become available?
  2. Custom Hood Decal Concept -Xanthus

    Have you experimented with adding an additional transparent layer on top (the size of the matte black base layer)? I did a somewhat detailed gloss black topo design on a matte black hood bump decal and was wondering if adding a transparent layer could act as a ‘sealant’ so that you don’t have to...
  3. Slide-Out Tailgate Table Delivered!!!

    @sanford — Any chance you can provide some close up pics of the 2 anchor points closest to the back seat? Curious to see if there’s enough space to accommodate the Diabolical Slipstream brackets. If not, it would be helpful to see if there’s a potential mod that can be worked out. Thanks in...
  4. RTR Lights installed

    Yeah, the light bar itself is RTR; the actual lights are PROJECT X Offroad
  5. Diabolical Slipstream Security Enclosure Review and Installation

    Here are a couple of visuals for the tailskin dilemma I’m trying to highlight, hoping there is a ‘tweak’ in the works. Is there no way the tailskin can be taken in slightly or tapered off to allow the lid to pass cleanly without making contact w/ the soft top handles? The logic being that...
  6. Diabolical Slipstream Security Enclosure Review and Installation

    As tweaks are made, will first batch buyers be able to obtain the newer parts? Like if you came out with a shortened tailskin that clears the soft top release handles…would we be able to swap out the current tailskin for that one?
  7. Bronco Slipstream Security Enclosure

    I have the IAG EZ Lift struts and the Slipstream…the combo works for me. But since the IAG EZ Lift requires more force to close the soft top and the Slipstream eliminates one’s ability to close it from grabbing the bottom….you have to be tall enough to close it from the topside.
  8. Bronco Slipstream Security Enclosure

    Thanks for the tip; did this today and it def helped with closing the soft top.
  9. Diabolical Slipstream Security Enclosure Review and Installation

    Soft top owners will have a couple more ‘cons’ on their list than hard top owners (except for those with the Bestop Trektop). This is mainly because you’ll be reminded of ‘the little things’ every time you open/close the slipstream and/or soft top. The soft top latches and slipstream tailskin...
  10. Oracle universal letters already burnt out.

    @ORACLE Lighting
  11. Bronco Slipstream Security Enclosure

    @Badbrad do you have a soft top? Did the release handles clear the tail end of the slipstream? I have the IAG EZ lift, which pushes the soft top higher than the prop rod…yet when trying to close the slipstream with the soft top open, it will not clear the release handles…
  12. Vinyl / PPF Request

    PPF is likely too stiff to wrap around the roll bars…vinyl wrap may be the way to go?
  13. Slipstream Accessories

    @Diabolical Inc is it possible to purchase the marine foam pads unbranded / without the logo?
  14. Vinyl / PPF Request

    @StickerFab @Underground Graphics @Ridergraphix @vortexSigns Can we get some vinyl graphics for the windshield frame, roll bars & rear cross bar? Can we also get some PPF strips for the cargo surface that the hard/soft tops sit on? So far, have only seen something like this from Bestop, but...
  15. WILDTRAK does HELLS GATE in reverse!!

  16. 35's on Non-Sas OBX

    For the people that say yes, please clarify tire/wheel specs and any other alterations made. I installed the Zone Offroad 2” level kit (+2” front; +1” rear) and originally purchased a set of BFG KO2 35/12.5R18 for the OEM OBX wheels…ultimately had to swap those out for 285/65R18 tires because...
  17. ⚠️EZ-Lift Soft Top Assist Damage⚠️

    I’m starting to hear this on a more consistent basis with the new brackets, along with a different creak noise
  18. ⚠️EZ-Lift Soft Top Assist Damage⚠️

    Are these the old brackets or new brackets? I‘ve only taken my Bronco out once with the new brackets installed and the top fully on…and so far, I haven’t noticed the same sounds occurring.
  19. ⚠️EZ-Lift Soft Top Assist Damage⚠️

    Installed the new brackets & they do appear to fix the rubbing issue. Haven’t driven around with the top on yet, but will report back if I hear any sounds again. Hoping that the new brackets fix the sound issue as well.