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  1. HELP! What to do: Damaged Windshield when Delivered to Dealer?

    You’re the one who doesn’t know the difference. Give your head a shake and don’t post such stupid shit.
  2. Can headlights be turned completely off while driving in the day?

    Old vehicles sometimes if you engaged the park brake it would turn the day time running lights off, so just one click. Now with the electronic e brake won’t be so easy. Probably have to go in to forscan and disable the dtr’s.
  3. Canadian X-plan latest?

    This is the reply I received. Check with your dealer.
  4. Dealer mark ups!?!?

    So basically they’re saying other dealers will lie so don’t change dealers?
  5. 100k from Dealer

    Before posting a thread, please call the dealer and ask about it. We have had dealers on here who had broncos on their website with crazy prices to try and limit the amount of calls they were going to receive about it. Or better yet, don’t make a thread about it. It’s going to happen and will be...
  6. Log In Issues?

    I get the invalid URL on my phone. Haven’t tried with a computer. I was able to log on and see my account though.
  7. Canadian X-plan latest?

    Email sent. Hopefully we hear back.
  8. Canadian X-plan latest?

    emailed my dealer to ask about this as they had told me in the past that yes x-plan will be a thing in Canada. This was his response when I asked if Ford Canada was no longer going to offer x-plan on the Bronco.
  9. Admin please delete, will post full review at 100 miles

    Closing is the concern, if the window doesn’t drop when opened it would not close under the seal. Technology isn’t quite there to anticipate when you’re going to want to open the door and drop the window before you do yet. Have you ever had a vehicle with frameless windows before? I have not...
  10. Any Canadians out there take delivery yet?

    How does it feel to have it home?
  11. Any Canadians out there take delivery yet?

    My first notification from my dealer was on a Tuesday in April. No updates of build week changes at all but once I was updated to scheduled to a day, they sent me a text update and that was on July 3rd. Which is the date my tracker was last updated. Although the build day has changed the updated...
  12. Any Canadians out there take delivery yet?

    When my build went from scheduled to week to scheduled to day it was updated on a Saturday as well. At the time I was scheduled to day of august 16. 2.5 weeks later that was pushed back 3 days to the 19. Wait and see how it goes now. Originally scheduled to week of June 28. Many push backs now.
  13. 16-Aug-21 Build Date Gone.

    Show us the broncos sitting outside with no roofs on, would like to see it. I know we saw a 4 door with no rear window but we don’t know that it’s been sitting outside open to the elements and all the 2 doors we saw had a too on them with the bad roof written on a window 🤷🏻
  14. 16-Aug-21 Build Date Gone.

    Lucky, I was build some day 08/16, now pushed to 08/19. Originally scheduled for June build. Will see what happens in the next 3 weeks. I suspect further delays.
  15. When Production is Down Next Week

    I was bumped again today, went from scheduled to day of 8/16 to day of 8/19 now. 🤷🏻 About the 6th bump I think lol.
  16. Broken front axle at CV joint on my Bronco Badlands 4-Door 2.7L

    Must have waxed his axles, no other explanation! Owner error.
  17. Does Lux (or any package) come with HD radio?

    I’m still in my 30’s and have never heard of this. I think age has less than being an audiophile to do with knowing about this or not. I’m quite happy with the Rockford fosgate system in my 2015 Nisan Titan. Hoping the Bronco at least competes with that and I will be plenty happy.