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  1. My Bronco is never coming

    It is worth the wait, my patience was about shot and then things started to move. I was a week 1 reservation. Love the new Bronco but would have to say i love my 78 more. I had a Jeep Wrangler and the new Bronco is way better than my Jeep. Future Broncos will probably be better. Hang in there.
  2. MachOneGarage's Four Door Retro Sport Build

    Love the grill!!
  3. Absolutely nothing wrong

    Love the new Bronco worth the wait, I think the two door is way ahead of the two door Jeep Wrangler.
  4. RACE RED Bronco Club

    Took delivery today of my Big Bend Sasquatch Race Red 2 door, love the truck. But love the 1978 truck better. That 78 is one tough rig and stood the test of time.
  5. Watch your email!!

    I got my 4-18 build date, nothing special had a 3-28 build date before. So it will be built sometime. If not 2022 maybe 2023. When its built and shipped the dealer will call with delivery information. At this point that’s all I can hope for.
  6. Surprise!!! Here's your car!! No build date email or shipped email!

    Congratulations, the Bronco seems worth the wait but communication needs improvement
  7. "Here's the Latest On Your Vehicle" spam email from Ford

    The lack of information and the weekly changing of information does not speak well for a positive customer experience. The fact that dealer mannequins were produced ahead of reservation holders creates ill will and does not build brand loyalty. The 1978-1979 Broncos were very hot items and...
  8. Practicality of a Bronco

    I plan to keep my F150 when my Bronco arrives. Two different vehicles with two different purposes. I love my F150 which I call my Swiss army knife.
  9. 🛠 3/28/22 Build Week Group

    Same here build week 3/28 and have my VIN and Bronco customer service told me two weeks ago it looked good no parts constraints, so maybe its going to happen.
  10. I sampled over 300 Builds this year and determined that 2022 will be the year of Eruption Green

    Well I’m in the minority with Race Red, hope i get a 2022 Bronco to enjoy it.
  11. Ford CEO Jim Farley on Bronco production & price protection [as of 2/14/22]

    Bottom line is we can not do anything but wait, this is out of our control. Price increases are part of this new economy and inflation is part of life. We can not control these factors. When my dealer calls that my Bronco is in that’s when I will get it. In the meantime enjoy life forget...
  12. Ford Announces More Production Shutdowns at 8 Plants Due to Chip Shortages, Including Bronco's Michigan Assembly Plant (MAP)

    Trouble at Ford………this is only part of the problem. Wall Street sees many issues, time will tell if they can get past the multitude of problems. This is the time for leaders to step forward. Shame on the US manufacturers off shoring production and parts.
  13. My velocity blue 2 door Base Bronco Heritage build.

    I love your white wheels, nice build!!
  14. My velocity blue 2 door Base Bronco Heritage build.

    Mine is race red 2 door Big Bend
  15. My velocity blue 2 door Base Bronco Heritage build.

    Very nice build, I too plan to paint my top, when/if it gets built
  16. I just got my email with the VIN number

    Got my VIN for build 3-28, sooner than I thought. Just in time for summer.
  17. [NOW SCHEDULING 12/9] ⏱ 2022 Bronco Scheduling Next Week (12/6) For 4 Build Weeks - 1/31 to 2/21

    My dealer said I have a 3-28 production But still need a vin I hope by summer maybe delivery.
  18. [NOW SCHEDULING 12/9] ⏱ 2022 Bronco Scheduling Next Week (12/6) For 4 Build Weeks - 1/31 to 2/21

    I too could be looking at 2023, which at that point I might have purchased something else.
  19. 15,000 Broncos to be release in January

    I have my Bronco too………