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  1. I feel bad I priced a JEEP

    Driving a Jeep now, and after driving the Bronco I am even more excited to sell my Jeep!
  2. Reimbursement Off-Roadeo

    Received an email specifically from my dealer when using their link and attending the Off-Rodeo (on any day but Saturday! Read the fine print) I would get a $500 gift card to offset any expenses like Guests, Hotel etc. So I booked it through their link on a Friday. My card was charged for the...
  3. Jumping a New Bronco! *Not a Photoshop / CGI*

    Average is about 9 cents per view upwards to 15 cents. A lot of variables including subscribers and average view duration.
  4. Lucks Bronco Build: Wrap Satin/Gloss, BA Tent Rear Roof Rack, Baja Designs, GoRhino Steps, Storage...

    Very nice! Are your fog lights individually hooked up to different aux switches?
  5. gjproducer

    Michigan Bronco Club

    @Mattwings Thank you - bookmarked. Will hopefully use it this summer when I get my overly constrained rig lol.
  6. gjproducer

    Michigan Bronco Club

    @yeet We will have to consider some other way for information around events. Some people deleted Facebook many years ago. :)
  7. Driving a Bronco Raptor (POV Video)

    Hopeful for an OTA update for that dash!
  8. You know what really chaps my a$$....

    I am connected on LinkedIn with a lot of Rivian folks. Those are all employee (management) vehicles getting 1st deliveries. Basically beta testers haha.
  9. Fast Intentions Door Sill Guards Installed

    Is it $50 for the set of 4 (if you have a 4-door)?
  10. Drive the Bronco email legit?

    Legit. Do it. Act fast.
  11. 📄 2/11 Bulletin: Bronco Raptor Order Invitation Email, Customer Selection Process, Production, Allocation, FAQ

    So I have an existing order waiting to be built, raised my hand, didn’t get the raptor, can I assume my original order is still good to go?
  12. Painted my beadlock beauty rings gloss black (Sasquatch wheels)

    What did you tell them on how to match the grill? Are those Mic color?
  13. Dealt with my first angry Jeep owner

    It always took a while for people to like the new kid in school. Mix in alcohol and that’s what you’ll get!
  14. e-Bronco - Thoughts?

    That's fair. Maybe my number was a little high. Point is still the same though. If were out trailing, camping, decided to use the vehicle to run some powered devices and wasn't paying attention you could be in trouble with no back up. The jerry cans would be a backup to at least get you out...
  15. e-Bronco - Thoughts?

    Until we get to 1,000 mile range I don't foresee a fully electric Bronco. Hybrid, yes. The nature of how people use their off road vehicle cannot take any risks on being stranded in the middle of nowhere. Bring along a few gas cans on a hybrid, absolutely.