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  1. New drop! Rear shocks armor skid plate cover by ASFIR

    This is probably a dumb question, but I just wanted to confirm that all of your products will be shipping from Israel? Love the looks of the products by the way 👍🏽 Thanks
  2. Lowest Possible Interest Rate

    What don’t you understand?
  3. Lowest Possible Interest Rate

    1.99 for 84 months is what I got. Local union only credit union in SoCal
  4. Metalcloak Introductory Giveaway - Undercloak Skid Plate System For 4-Door Bronco!

    This is my first Bronco ever. I bought it because I want to explore places I’ve never been before. I want to create memories with my family and having these skid plates will help me go adventuring without having to worry as much. Thanks.
  5. What is this bump under the passenger seat?

    Did they carpet over the rear vent? That seems odd. Gonna go look at mine real quick. BRB.
  6. Best way to clean engine and under the hood?

    Thanks for the responses. So basically just make sure the engine is cold and have at it, while trying to avoid electronics and battery. Will probably just use my hose then so there’s not too much pressure.
  7. Best way to clean engine and under the hood?

    I used to just take my cars to a pay by the minute wash place and power wash under my hood when it got too dirty. But I never cared that much for those cars. With the Bronco, I don’t want to screw something up or damage something when cleaning. I went through some mud the other day, which took...
  8. Bronco soft top reviews

    Had originally reserved a Wildtrak but decided I wanted it this year and went to an OBX soft top. Best decision I ever made. Had it a little over a month now. No complaints. Security is the biggest concern as we saw someone else post earlier today. But you’ll just have to remember not to leave...
  9. How is Advancetrac diff from traction control and why turn it off?

    Cool. Thanks for that explanation! 👍🏽
  10. How is Advancetrac diff from traction control and why turn it off?

    But if you hold down that hero button it starts turning off Advancetrac. So what is the purpose of that?
  11. How is Advancetrac diff from traction control and why turn it off?

    Is advanced 4x4 the same as Advancetrac? I thought these were separate things? 🤔
  12. How is Advancetrac diff from traction control and why turn it off?

    If you hold down the traction control button, you start to turn off the advancetrac. I saw Shelby Hall do this when we did our ride along at KOH but don’t remember why. I think she did it when doing trail turn assist. Thanks in advance.
  13. Bronco's unexpected quirks. What'cha got!?

    Does anyone else’s center console pop when you put a little pressure on it with your arm/elbow? Kind of drives me nuts, so I tend to not put any weight on it. 😕
  14. Ford OEM Mud Flaps / Splash Guards trimmed to fit OBX Sasquatch with side steps

    Just curious. Is it necessary to put on the back flaps? How would that look? Most of the complaints and need for mud flaps is to stop dinging up the side of your bronco right. Maybe it would just look weird with only the front on but they’re really not that obtrusive. 🤷🏽‍♂️ just my thoughts.
  15. Bronco's unexpected quirks. What'cha got!?

    My recirculating air turns off periodically while on the hwy. Then it seems like it’s on high/7 instead of 1 or 2 where it was at. I put the recirculate back on and sometimes it goes back to the way it was and sometimes it doesn’t. At least not for a couple more minutes.
  16. Paint issue?

    Probably me freaking out and trying to get the spot out 🤦🏽‍♂️
  17. Paint issue?

    So I noticed these black specs on my door last weekend. Definitely not tar or from the road. Can’t catch anything with my nail and nothing changes when I scrub it. Could it be under the clear coat? Is it worth getting fixed? Warranty?
  18. Why do some Broncos have more rear tow hooks?

    So my 4Dr OBX Squatch has only 1 “tow hook” in the rear on the driver side. My buddy’s 4Dr badsquatch has 2, one on each side. Any reason for this? Is it just BD,BL,FE’s that have 2? Tried search but came up with nothing. Wish we could search to have all words included in search but whatever. It...
  19. Which grade / octane gas do you use in your Bronco?

    Just curious what everyone’s using. Also, can you just switch from one to the other whenever you want?