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  1. Engine Fan -running hot? How to clean the Radiator?

    That actually did happen right away, but those started working again after hiding out. Thank you.
  2. Engine Fan -running hot? How to clean the Radiator?

    I’m sure there was mud in there…..any idea how to wash it out the best (other than just repeated cleansing)?
  3. Engine Fan -running hot? How to clean the Radiator?

    I have a 2021 with a 2.7. Since winter went away it seems my engine fan kicks on almost always. I’ve been watching my temperatures (I wasn’t watching before the fan started kicking in) and seem to be quickly up in the 220 -230 range. Anyone else notice this? I went through a ton of mud...
  4. 【Mabett】The back for the rear seats for Bronco 4 door has been designed, Coming soon!

    So that stupid crease in yours won’t go away either? I think it is stupid they would fold this…it’s an awesome product and that crease just pisses me off.
  5. Alarm button on FOB is WAY to sensitive.

    You aren’t alone….it’s just taught me how to disarm it faster…..or it just wants attention.
  6. Had a Costanza event today - We had a deal!

    The feather would’ve been yellow if it was Big Bird.
  7. Mature Bronco Porn

    I never said I was.
  8. Mature Bronco Porn

    Oh yeah….all of the ones I took pictures of are in their current for sale inventory.
  9. Mature Bronco Porn

    That’s dang near naked!!!! At least you left her shocks on.
  10. Mature Bronco Porn

    I stopped by a vintage car emporium here in Denver today and just had to share the pictures. It’s in Northeast Denver and it is open to the public if anyone else wants to go look…Worldwide Vintage Autos.
  11. How Bad’s the Wireless Charging Pad? (Ha! A Rhyme!)

    Mine gets the phones too hot…I use cords. Even the dashboard usb seemed to overheat….very surprising….but that also could’ve been the sunlight hitting the phone.
  12. Let’s wager for fun and a gift card

    764 days….I’m an 8/2 reservation.
  13. 📈 Bronco March 2022 Sales: 9,757 Sold / 14,953 Produced

    Yep, that means they only sold 12,816 for Jan and Feb.
  14. Atta-boy Ford! Positive feedback on what they got RIGHT

    The upgraded OEM floor mats are awesome!
  15. Went off-roading today with 20 other Broncos

    Here was my favorite pic. New color for 2023.
  16. Portable tire inflator recommendations

    If you can find one, the MaxiTrac from Napa (I paid $100ish) is AWESOME. I’d watched a video raving it against the ARB where it beat it - and I can say it is true - I refilled mine next to a guy with a mounted twin ARB and finished before him.
  17. 2022 Wildtrak vs 2014 SHO Throttle Performance

    Yep, the lag is real. I unlocked sport mode on my 2.7 squatch badlands and while it is a tremendous improvement, it I still lags.