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  1. 2023 MY Bronco Order Bank Opens 8/15

    That’s my sentiment also. I really don’t want a MIC top with all its inherent problems.
  2. What have you heard? Will all current orders be built before the start of production of the 2023 model year?

    I have a ton of restricted items and I’ve only been waiting a year. So, I fully expect to get a ‘23. I want the painted modular top anyway.
  3. Well if it's that easy......

    I had a black, Taurus SHO. Cops would wave thinking I was unmarked car. What a hoot!
  4. The Jeep Wrangler owners should be pissed……😁

    And they sell 250,000 of them per year.
  5. 2023 Bronco Wish List...

    Painted modular top that is quiet and doesn’t leak. Body color painted fender flares for Sasquatch package. Factory mud flaps for side steps. Upgraded Lux sound system.
  6. Sasquatch with factory running boards - Ford Provide a Fix!

    That looks ridiculous. I’ve seen Weather Tech’s products, not impressed.
  7. John Auer

    Outer Banks Club

    Thanks. I live on Long Island, on the water, with no garage. The soft top just wouldn’t work for me. If mine comes in with a MIC top, I’ll lease it short term and get the painted modular top next. Best of luck with your rig!
  8. John Auer

    Outer Banks Club

    So, you already have your Bronco? If it’s a MIC top, does it leak? I’ve had leaky cars and I’m not willing to go through that BS again.
  9. John Auer

    Outer Banks Club

    I have an OBX, 4 door, with every option on order. I don’t expect to take delivery until year end, at best. Actually, hoping for a ‘23 MY with a painted modular top. We’ll see.
  10. Front Splash Guards/Mud Flap will NOT fit with Running Board

    One would think, the engineers at Ford would have figured this out. 🤦‍♂️
  11. Anyone work car sales before? How’s it work?

    The untold secret, is that the F&I department makes up to 50% or more, of the profit earned on each sale. When I was an F&I manager, myself and assistant, grossed what 14 sales people on floor brought in. Not bragging, just a fact.
  12. More bad news regarding chips

    That’s good news, but I think it takes about 2 years to build a fab (chip factory). This too shall pass. 😎
  13. More bad news regarding chips

    Just another reason why we need to move chip production stateside. Besides it being an inconvenience, it's a national security issue.
  14. My bronco is covered in rock chips already. DIY mod to avoid rock chips

    Nice job. Still don't understand why Ford doesn't offer this option, factory or dealer installed. I don't think mud flaps require micro chips.
  15. How will fuel prices impact Bronco sales / delivery [Warning: NO POLITICS]

    Energy independence is a national security issue. We can’t be dependent upon countries that want to bury us. Israel is a good example of how to make sure you produce your own energy, water, etc.
  16. How will fuel prices impact Bronco sales / delivery [Warning: NO POLITICS]

    Exactly, enough with the cancel culture. Politics effects everything, let’s talk about it.
  17. Ford is done with car dealers video..

    Watch what they do, not what they say. Ford is splitting in two. They’ve located Blue Oval City in Tennessee and their battery factory in Kentucky, (both right-to-work states: no unions). Farley also said Ford Model e will be retailed in a different manner. Eventually, Ford Blue will fade into...