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  1. ADV Fiberglass making Bronco hoods, flares, SQUARE fenders, and HARDTOPs

    I love that bit of fastback lean on the hard top. If I could option a soft top from Ford and an aftermarket hard top I would… alas, 2 door.
  2. 35" Tires on Stock Badlands rims?

    I’m pretty sure you’ll have issues with the offset because that’s a major difference between the Sassy rims and the stock badlands that deals with clearance. Crash bars will have to be removed but that’s pretty easy.
  3. 🦄 Modified my unicorn Base Bronco 2-Door: BFG A/T KO2, Upgraded Speakers, Rear Seat Delete, Sasquatch Flares, Stripes & CB Radio

    Holy crap! What a hero! You did all of the things I had been wanting to see (since I can’t try myself) all in one post. This is like a nuclear bomb of pictures I’d been needing!
  4. MIC top installed incorrectly by factory (front bracket mounted on top screw rather than through it)

    Bold assumption considering the quality design of these tops so far. Could be a self tapping deck screw at this rate.
  5. Bets on whether or not this beaut is available?! Edit... It's sold. Dammit

    God speed! Could be a demo unit, but I at least don't see the sticker my dealer has that boldly states "Thie Vehicle is Not For Sale".
  6. Warn Elite Front Bumpers IN STOCK! Some answers & installation instructions

    Like I said, it was a black diamond, can’t go higher than mid on that model period. I found the video, town and country Ford was doing an overview of a customers BD. Clear as day in the middle of the radiator hole that the steel mod bumper has. He stated in the video that you have to get the...
  7. Adhesive backed Heritage Bronco Fender Badges by BroncoDepotUSA [NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

    Looks awesome! Good work, I’ll probably snag a set to hold on to.
  8. Warn Elite Front Bumpers IN STOCK! Some answers & installation instructions

    I hope that’s the case, but I saw a video of a black diamond that pointed out the black box front and center of the bumper and said that was the radar for collision mitigation. It would totally obscured by this set up and there’s no mention of relocation or even reprogramming.
  9. Warn Elite Front Bumpers IN STOCK! Some answers & installation instructions

    What about the emergency brake sensor that’s in…. every Bronco?
  10. Jeep and 4runner is a No Go

    I just recently ordered a Jeep Grand Cherokee L for the wife. They had three, one was sold but all were higher trims and packages than I wanted. They gladly let us test drive what they had and we placed an order. It’ll be MSRP and yeah up to 12 weeks but I’m getting what I wanted. Not even 6...
  11. Panda Motorworks Catch Can Kit Prototype Headed to Production!

    Fantastic! I’ll purchase one from you guys whenever I finally get my Bronco 2.3 7MT, want it to run as cleanly as possible for as long as possible. With the thought you guys are putting into install and fitment, well worth the money.
  12. Base Outer Banks 2021 Bronco Speakers Upgrade Tutorial -- With Stereo Wiring Diagram

    You guys are awesome for doing this! I definitely planned on self upgrading the stock system so this is massively helpful!
  13. A little disappointed after test drive.

    I think reality is just hitting some people here and that’s ok. It was hyped as something that DESTROYS JEEP FROM ORBIT but that’s just marketing. I’m excited because someone finally made ANYTHING like a Wrangler. I drove a Sahara JLU up the whole east coast on a business trip and hated it...
  14. Installing keypad entry after sale?

    Honestly I use it all the time on my truck. Outside working in the yard and don’t have my key? Keypad. Want to lighten my pockets while at work? Keypad. Don’t want to risk my car keys in the river? Keypad. The only similar option is the phone app but that takes foreverrrrrrr and if I’m in the...
  15. 🥊 Bronco Wildtrak vs. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon head-to-head comparison review by Throttle House

    While it was a good video and I liked that they really got them dirty, I am exhausted from reviewers bringing up the Rubicon 392 as a counter point to all things. It’s just typical of reviewers because they don’t pay for the cars they drive to bring up crazy high end vehicles. My F150 Lariat is...
  16. My Test Drive of a Badlands 2.3 7MT

    Thank you for the write up! Wish I could budget a badlands so I could get all the off road improvements with a manual but I’m gonna have to stick to Sasquatch on a base and deal with having a auto.
  17. Granger Ford - Passing of Albert Schmitz

    I think it speaks volumes to a person’s character if they can leave such a positive impact on so many people selling them a car. Automotive buying is hands down a bad experience at almost any dealership. Albert came in and set the standard of how selling vehicles to enthusiasts should be. I...
  18. 2022 Tundra

    I like it, been interested in the upcoming Tundra for some time. Glad it finally leaked because I grow tired of these idiotic slow drip marketing campaigns. I mean they literally showed us the engine cover like we were supposed to thank them for the wondrous information! Your buyers are too old...
  19. The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    Ford really is twisting the model years in totally new ways from how they normally do it with this Bronco, because that would usually be when they phased out that year a moved on. Like how fall/winter was always the best time to get a new F150 because dealers would have that year and the next...
  20. The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    I have an email from Ford stating this: “Offering price protection to all current Bronco order and reservation holders (as of March 19, 2021). This will ensure there will not be an increase in MSRP for equivalent 2022 model year Bronco.” So I guess if you’re a really recent reservation you could...