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  1. Canada - Alberta FS Calgary: GreenLane Offroad 13" Brush Guard

    GreenLane Offroad 13" brush guard. Retails for $375 plus $70 shipping. Selling for $350. Does not interfere with camera at all. Must pickup in Calgary.
  2. Canada - Alberta WTB: Looking to buy Sasquatch takeoff wheels and tires

    Located in Calgary. Looking to buy Sasquatch/wildtrak takeoff wheels with 35's.
  3. Canada - Alberta Sold: Diode Dynamics Fog Light Pocket Kit - Sport

    Decided not to install these as I won't use them much. Would prefer local pickup in Calgary, but also willing to ship. Price is $750 USD OBO and I'll eat the shipping cost. Comes with all 6 lights and full wiring harness/mounting brackets. This set is the white light kit with amber...
  4. Short video of the Ghost River Run in Alberta. Came across another Bronco on the trail.

    Made it out to the Ghost River Run last weekend. Was a super nice day and ran into a lot of people and one other Bronco. Short GoPro video link attached. And a photo of me and my navigator.
  5. Canada - Alberta deleted

  6. Did anyone's "chime" sounds change recently?

    Today I noticed my chime sounds in the vehicle are different. For when you start up the vehicle as well as the proximity sensor warning chimes have a different sound. I assume it's from an over the air software update, but I can't find any info on it in the app. I liked the old sounds better. Odd.
  7. Canada - Alberta Sold: Calgary - 4 door rock rails

    4 door rock rails off a 2021 Badlands. Comes with all hardware. $400 CAD. Pickup only in Calgary.
  8. Installed Bartact paracord grab handles (dozer yellow)

    Got these in the mail today and installed them. The dozer yellow color matches the badlands orange pretty well. Feel nice and sturdy.
  9. Custom seatbelt sleeves to match the Badlands interior.

    Ordered from Etsy here Think they turned out pretty good.
  10. Anyone have pictures of a non-SAS Badlands with a 2" RC lift?

    Looking for pics of the lift difference. Preferrably on 35's
  11. Has anyone got the Bartac paracord grab handles?

    Really interested which color is closest to the badlands orange accents. Does anyone have matching ones in hand yet? EDIT: Got this picture from Bartact of the Dozer Yellow and it's the closest they have for the Badlands accents.
  12. Added Sport Mode on my Badlands using ForScan. Really wakes up the 2.3

    Added Sport Mode to my Badlands last night using the Forscan thread. The difference in throttle response and acceleration is huge on the 2.3. Question for anyone with a non-badlands though, when you switch to Sport Mode does it automatically go to 4A?
  13. OBDLink EX on Macbook running parallels/crossover. Neither will connect to the vehicle.

    I'm trying to run forscan on my macbook by using parallels and also tried crossover. I have forscan downloaded on both, but my OBDLink EX cable will not recognize my bronco and bring it up in forscan. The light is green on the OBDLink so it should be good to go, but it forscan always just says...
  14. Anyone have a dirtbike rack for their Bronco yet?

    Does anyone have a rack like this for their bronco yet? Wondering what type I would need to clear the spare tire and if the rear gate would be able to be opened once the bike is off.
  15. Canada - Alberta Anyone looking to trade their SAS flares for non-SAS?

    Looking to add sasquatch flares to my Badlands. Anyone in Canada looking to swap theirs out for the standards? Located in Calgary.
  16. New brush guard / light bar installed from Greenlane Offroad

    13" bar. Price was $375 CAD shipped out from Victoria BC Canada. Made of aluminum so not sure how this would hold up in an accident but it's nice quality. Clean welds and good powder coat.
  17. Hard top prep kit missing?

    Had my bronco for a while but just realized I think the hard top prep kit is missing. It had a blend date of end of Sept so it should have it. I can't retrieve my window sticker anymore either to double check but I'm positive it said it. Anyone know how to look up an older window sticker? It...
  18. GreenLane Offroad now has 3 sizes of Bronco push bars available. Located in Canada.

    Greenlane now has 3 sizes of their push bars for the modular bumper available. 6", 9", and 13". Just placed an order for a 13" basically at half of what the Ford bar would cost.
  19. Some Canadian side steps/rocker guards for 4-door Broncos Found these for Canadians (they also ship to USA).
  20. Installed the Ford tailgate molle system today.

    Installed the tailgate molle system today. Super easy. All the bags came with it except for the Crullen first aid kit. Word of advice for anyone installing it, remove the black plastic tailgate piece by pulling out the bottom out first. There are clips that go straight in. The ones on top have...