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  1. 2022 Bronco Raptor Reviews Are HERE!! (Full List) 🦖

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  2. Titan T-AK2 Forged wheels are finally out .. .these should be around 20 pounds each

    They don't show a Bronco fitment BUT the ones listed under Tacoma/4-runner/FJ Cruiser will fit >> 17x8.5 6x139.7 at -8 offset. If you don't mind -8 offset then these wheels are great. You can run a 37" KO2 and still be lighter than the OEM SAS Wheels ... like 6 pounds lighter. Center caps are...
  3. Ford Teases the F150 Raptor R during the Bronco Raptor Media event in Johnson Valley

    "Ford trotted out a prototype of the F-150 Raptor R to whet our appetites while we were in the Johnson Valley OHV area of the California desert testing out the Bronco Raptor .... without any advance warning, we were treated with a quick preview of the F-150 Raptor R doing donuts in the sand from...
  4. New Wheels: Gram Lights 57dr-x 17×8.5, 0 offset, 6×139 in Gun Blue ... not hubcentric

    Some weights (pounds): SAS wheels/tires - 89.2 - 89.3 - 89.4 - 89.4 - 90.05 (spare) Gram Lights wheels (ceramic coated): - 25.15 - 25.25 - 25.25 - 25.35 - 25.35 SAS wheels with balancing weights removed: - 34.85 - 34.95 - 35.05 - 35.05 - 35.25 Gram Lights with GY MTs: - 79.50 - 79.70 - 79.90...
  5. Virginia Sold: 5 SAS Wheels for Sale

    - SAS Wheels ONLY! 4 center caps included BUT not pictured. - Only 8 miles. - Not a scratch on them - I even removed the stick on weights and washed the wheels after removing the tires & TPMS - Asking $1300 - Located in Northern VA. - Please do not ask me to ship them. Shipping is crazy...
  6. Ford Pass Reward points conversion to $$?

    Anyone know the conversion? I have looked but I can't seem to find it. My dealer texted me and told me I just received 20,000 points and I am not sure where it came from. I took delivery of my Wildtrak on march 7 and the rewards hit my account last week. I would love to buy some accessories and...
  7. F150 Raptor Owner Breaks his back jumping his truck
  8. Can anyone indentify this car?

    I thought I knew cars BUT I can not identify this one:
  9. FordPass App question

    Every Ford I have ever had shows a pic of vehicle in the app BUT not my Wildtrak (bottom pic below)? what's the deal?
  10. Alcon Front Ford Bronco Brake Kit ... anyone do this yet? at 350x34mm rotors, these are the same size as the F150 Raptor OEM Rotors.
  11. KYKR Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible with 2021 2022 Ford Bronco SYNC4 12 Inch

    Been waiting for this to come out. I run this on my 2021 Raptor and it is awesome!. BUT as you know the 12" Bronco screen is not the same as the one used on the F150 Raptor. I emailed the company a while back and was told they were working on the Bronco application ... and now, it is out >>...
  12. OK ... who is doing Rockslide Engineering Steps on their Warthog?

    I am going to assume it fits the Bronco Raptor.
  13. Video: Bronco Raptor 12" digital gauge cluster demo at the 15:35 min mark .. super cool

    The Bronco Raptor 12" digital gauge cluster is much better than the F150 Raptor 12" digital gauge cluster. Pay attention to what happens when you select tow haul mode. This 12" digital gauge cluster is worth the price of admission alone.
  14. Has anyone installed Rock Slide Engineering power steps with the washout interior?

    I am curious about the rubber floor. Can you lift it up and runs wires under it?