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  1. First (Actual) 2021 Bronco U725 Prototype SPIED!!

    Take that back. You take that back right now!
  2. U725 2021 MY Ford Bronco Information

    February 29th is a great day to get married.
  3. U725 2021 MY Ford Bronco Information

    At least January is half gone, and February is a short month.
  4. The problem with the ride quality argument.

    Brutal in here today.
  5. I thought the new bronco was gonna look like this

    Practically everyone with a computer drafted a picture of what they guessed it would look like. That was one of the guesses.
  6. Ford posts official Bronco mule off-road testing video

    Man, I admire the passion. That's about the only positive thing I can say about some of the posts on the past couple pages of this thread. At this point, I find myself caring less and less about what is under the front end of a new Bronco. If it doesn't perform, I feel confident the...
  7. The problem with the ride quality argument.

    Agreed. I rode in my buddy's '18 F350 Super Duty 4x4, it was amazingly plush - and without the qualifier "for a big pickup". It rode very cushy even compared to a luxury car.
  8. Bigger than the Explorer?

    Also under consideration is the body length/overhang to maximize approach and departure angles for an off-road capable vehicle. That said, the Explorer pushed out it's wheelbase this year, but more for cabin accommodation and handling. I have an Excursion that fills the "I need to go somewhere...
  9. Bigger than the Explorer?

    I suppose there is some level of subjectivity on what is meant by the term "bigger", but wheelbase is not a definitive determinant of overall dimensions. 2020 Explorer: Wheelbase: 119.1in. Exterior dimensions: ~ 198.8in. x ~79in. 2020 Wrangler 4d: Wheelbase: 118.4in. Exterior dimensions...
  10. I think our renders are fundamentally flawed.

    I agree in the sense and to the degree that we have little idea what is on the designer's notepads. It could be a mild retro with modern features, or a radical future truck with a smattering of loosely-interpreted 1st gen styling cues. For most of us here, we won't know until Ford decides we...
  11. [Unofficial] Production Bronco Renders based on Bronco R

    Having been involved in several events and long-term evolutions that were national news, I can tell you that the speculation involving the Bronco is amateur hour compared with what goes on with national media outlets. Reality bears little resemblance to reportage - it goes through the very...
  12. [Unofficial] Production Bronco Renders based on Bronco R

    @TopRecon : I would suggest heavily watermarking any future work unless you don't care.
  13. Let’s talk about these fenders

    "Depending on make" is key. From what I've learned from the previous owners, my 2002 Excursion never spent a day in a garage - and wasn't carefully maintained cosmetically. Clearcoat isn't showing signs yet, dash is absolutely unmarred (and now covered), leather is nearly perfect considering...
  14. Let’s talk about these fenders

    I was never a fan of the Bronco II, but that rig of yours turned my head. Nice work.
  15. Let’s talk about these fenders

    I would love to see a contrasting color plastic flare that can easily and cheaply be replaced with different sizes to accommodate various sizes of tires and to repair trail damage.
  16. [Unofficial] Production Bronco Renders based on Bronco R

    If that isn't it, I think it will be very close. Maybe heat extractors, and the hood bubble might be different, but I think that render is going to compare well to the real steel. Or aluminum, as the case may be.
  17. [Unofficial] Production Bronco Renders based on Bronco R

    Yep. I'll buy that look, so long as the mechanicals can back it up.
  18. What's Your Price Cap?

    At $50k, I'm going to be very nervous. $55k, I can grit my teeth and splurge if it is everything and the moon. $60k, I'm gonna be like, this is a fwkng FORD, are you out of your mind? Nicely equipped with all the trail-worthy stuff and as few of the fancy-pants gizmos/electronic doodads as...
  19. Bronco R Race Prototype Revealed for Baja 1000!

    Look past the first page of any thread so far... they're ALL "piss and moan" threads! :shock: Once we're all busy adding accessories to our new Broncos, it should quiet down on that front somewhat.