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  1. Best winch bumper?

    I personally like the Body Guard bumpers with the black hardware. I’m saving up for them because of front camera and no blocking at all. The front has relocation bracket for cruise control and front camera if you had one but they are spendy. Good luck
  2. What’s the best aftermarket winch capable bumper for Wildtrack?

    No blocking here. Body guard bumper relocates camera under light bar and cruise control radar is relocated and has all four sensors. Bumper also comes with black hardware not just silver Really good video if you do it yourself is Buckle up buttercup instal video
  3. Here4fun

    Oregon Bronco Club

    Finally getting some things added to the bronco: Matte wrap, 37”x12.50 razor tires, for now rough country 1” lift in front , -12 offset 17.9 ” fuel off road wheels, gray bronco letters for grill, cargo bags, and the upgraded tie rod ends from fab tech and the x- ray bronco Matt /gloss black on...
  4. I just wanted to park alone…..

    I get jeeps and broncos that park by me
  5. Adjust window drop for door opening?

    My front passenger door widow doesn’t come up to meet the seal. Will this reset work for that issue? thanks to everyone for posting on this problem!
  6. 🛠 01/24/22 Build Week Group

    I got my bronco ….It’s more amazing than I thought it would be. And I really like the carbonized gray! No dealership markups and a good buying experience as always at DAMEROW ford. Thank you Jerad and Nick for all your help and treating us so good!! Hoping you all get your broncos soon!!
  7. Small Rant About Something Avoidable

    Lol… that’s awesome !! I sold my ranger 5 months ago and I have been without a vehicle going crazy. I told my family when it gets here I’m gone for 3 weeks. Don’t even look for me.
  8. Small Rant About Something Avoidable

    How many of you have your vin number memorized and the CSX rail car number memorized like I do….🤣🤣
  9. Here4fun

    Oregon Bronco Club

    They didn’t say but I would think by rail yes because of that many broncos. That trip will be fun…keep your mind occupied off the bronco and come home just in time to pick it up. @Rex21c
  10. Small Rant About Something Avoidable

    I believe it could even be sooner. Hopefully they won’t sit at rail yard. They can’t use the excuse that they don’t have enough broncos to fill up car carrier trailers
  11. Here4fun

    Oregon Bronco Club

    DAMEROW ford just told me 40 broncos are headed this way and should be here the 20th. I’ll believe it when I see it. Nice rant by the way. Made me feel better😂@Rex21c
  12. Small Rant About Something Avoidable

    So I just talked to DAMEROW ford and they said that there are 40 broncos headed this way and should be here the 20th
  13. Small Rant About Something Avoidable

    So I just got off the phone with Damerow and they told me 40 broncos where on there way from California and should be here the 20 th And assured me they where not being sent back to Michigan.