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  1. 33s on Sasquatch, anyone?

    Did anyone buy Sasquatch for everything BUT the 35s and move down to 33s? I’m not exactlyyyyyy sure what one would gain from this (possibly better efficiency, less weight, better road manners, etc. at the expense of some clearance?), but was just curious if anyone has done this or considered...
  2. [Poll] Existing owners: how many miles do you have on your Bronco?

    Trying to get an idea of lifecycle distribution!
  3. Navy pier hate

    Where’d it go? I barely see the color scheme mentioned anymore. FWIW, I love mine! Not nearly as polarizing in person I don’t think. Funny because at one point it was one of the hottest topics on here…
  4. WA: Best shops for aftermarket mod installations?

    Any recommendations for best shops in Western WA to have aftermarket mods installed?
  5. Utah Sold: For Sale: NIB Curt 13493 hitch

    I accidentally bought 2 of these. Anyone looking for one?
  6. Utah 4-Door MIC "2.0" For Sale (Gauging Interest)

    I took delivery of my 4-Door First Edition in July and am slated to be receiving the replacement MIC "2.0" hard-top whenever they start rolling out to current owners. However, I plan on moving to a soft top (likely the TrekTop) permanently. Are there any current or near-future OEM soft-top...
  7. Discount OEM accessory site that supports FordPass Points?

    Are there any discount OEM accessory sites that allow use of FordPass Rewards points for payment?
  8. 567 miles/10 days in, door wearing through rubberized strip down to metal

    New issue of the day for me! I noticed today that an element of the driver’s door has rubbed through a rubberized metal strip around the window that is attached to the body. It’s somewhat hard to photograph but I’ve done my best:
  9. Front and rear bumper vertical alignment

    For those in the know: how difficult is it to adjust the vertical placement of the bumpers on one or both sides? I’ve noticed on my FE (and many other Broncos, particularly with the HD bumpers, via photos on this forum and Instagram) that one side of the bumper sits slightlyyyyyyyyyyyy higher...
  10. How long for FordPass points to get credited?

    So I’ve had the vehicle for a week and still have 0 FordPass points. When are they supposed to show up?
  11. Gnarly tailgate rattle

    At around 300 miles in, my Bronco has developed a pretty gnarly rattle from the tailgate. I will try to get a recording, but it is very loud and easily reproducible by driving basically any distance. I had someone ride in the cargo area and they said it’s coming from within the tailgate...
  12. Door striker adjustment

    I decided to take it upon myself to adjust the alignment of my driver’s door when it’s closed (it sits maybe 1-2mm lower and 1-2mm too far inward in my opinion, and you have to close it with a little more force than other doors for it to latch). After watching some YouTube’s, this looked fairly...
  13. Vehicle picture in FordPass App

    Anyone else’s vehicle picture just show up for the first time today in the FordPass app on the “Home” tab? Prior to today mine has just had an empty space here where the picture goes
  14. Dealerships offering invoice/discounted extended warranties?

    Do we have any dealerships on the forums offering invoice or discounted prices on extended warranties? I’d love to tell mine that I already found a better deal than they’re willing to offer elsewhere!
  15. (USA) Reservation Fee and Sale Price

    Does anyone know how reservation fees are supposed to be applied to the sale price, if at all? I mentioned to the salesperson that the total paid so far is $1100 ($100 reservation deposit and $1000 order deposit), and they said they believe the $100 is a fee and not credited against purchase...
  16. Frameless door window drop / index

    Does anyone know of a video showing the behavior with respect to the windows dropping a small amount when one opens the door, and vice versa when closing the door?
  17. Who can retrieve your rail car number once shipped?

    Wondering if any dealership employee (not _only_ one from my dealership) would be able to find the shipping information (rail car number) for my Bronco. Anyone know?
  18. Poll: Delivery estimates (from "Built" email)

    If you've received your built email, tell us what your delivery estimate was and where you are!
  19. What time do MAP shifts start and end?

    Trying to get an idea for when status updates are and are not likely to occur…