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  1. Builtright BYOD Plate

    Tried searching to see if this was posted yet, but just received an email showing a pre production Builtright dash plate that looks to be the best option so far…
  2. Sun Visor Warning Labels

    Has anyone pulled these off yet? Do they remove easy and clean?
  3. DIY - Picatinny Rail Dash Mount

    I made my own dash mount using a magpul MOE polymer rail and a 3/4” ¼-20 socket head cap screw. $16 mod. Magpul has a 5” rail that already has a center screw hole that would be a bit easier to work with, possibly a newer design that you would only need to enlarge the hole and counter sink the...
  4. Fender Badges Bubbling

    Anyone else have bubbling fender badges? Ours did not start this until is got cold outside. This is after I tried pressing out the bubbles.
  5. Dashboard Quality Issue

    Anyone else have a rough edge across the dash? I’m not complaining, just curios if I’m the only one. It’s irritating to look at while going down the road, I’ll probably break out the exacto and debur it.
  6. Longmont Ford Purchasing

    I selected Longmont Ford for my dealer and couldn’t have been happier. Guaranteed MSRP, and purchased at MSRP. If you are worried about your dealer adding ADM at delivery, Longmont is safe.
  7. Delivered Date vs. Ford’s Estimated Delivery Poll

    When did take delivery compared to Ford’s estimated delivery? Bonus points for posting region with your result.
  8. Current Rotation Number

    The latest build date threads continue to post the rotation number sequence. It would be nice to have a thread people can post blend dates and rotation numbers as the days go by. Rumor has it the rotation number is just to the right of the blend date shown below (7455), these numbers start at...