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  1. Must have accessories

    This week my Bronco is finally "in production" after waiting for nearly 2 years! I've only acquired a couple items for the Bronco which includes the fender script and a 3D printed dash rack for mounting a phone or other items. Curious what are some of the "must have" addons that others feel are...
  2. 06/06/22 Build Week Group

    I see the 6/13/22 build week but nothing for 06/06? What gives?
  3. popup alert telling me to reconfigure my 2022 Bronco again

    Okay, I'm a little concerned with what I just experienced. I went to to to check the status of my reservation/order and received a popup alert telling me that my order was converted to a 2022 and I that I now need to re-select all my choices and configure the vehicle as a 2022. WTF? I...
  4. Early Reservation Tally?

    So I know there are many factors which determine what is being built and delivered by Ford right now including, reservation time stamp, dealer allocations, supply & demand and force ma·jeure. Despite these things, a trickle of sinful options are being built and received by Ford. Curious if you...
  5. No scheduling today?

    So, I'm assuming I should just bow my head and move along like a good little anxious day 2 reservation holder. Anybody hear if next week is likewise marked for no scheduling?
  6. Reservation Status

    I have a 7/15/20 reservation date that turned in to an order on 3/09/21. Since I was looking for the MOD top, I knew it would not be fulfilled as a MY21. On 10/15/21 I worked with my dealer to convert it to a MY22, changed to a MIC top, 4 dr and HPR paint. When I check my status using the...
  7. 2022 ordered!

    Just completed my 2021 order conversion to MY22 with my dealer. Unlike many, I actually wanted a ’22 for various reasons and knew last March when I ordered the ’21 it would be pushed out. My reservation date was 7/14/20, so I’m hopeful (not holding my breath) I’ll be among the first wave of 22’s...
  8. Towing 2-door vs 4-door

    Just got an email from Ford saying my dealer order consultation will be happening soon. I have a 7/15/20 reservation that was pushed to MY22. I’m now on the fence between ordering a 2dr vs 4dr due to towing considerations. I have an 18’ bass boat and a 2900 lb popup camper that I would like to...
  9. Paint matched tow hooks and grille emblem?

    I've seen quite a few Bronco pic's with the standard white lettering in the grille and standard black tow hooks in the front bumper. The cyber orange tri-coat 2dr launch vehicle shows these items as paint matched to Bronco. Is this another one-off or is this going to be an option?
  10. Any new Leaks?

    I'm starting to go through Withdraws. No new Leaks this week?