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  1. New 60 Day Push...WTH?

    A friend is a chip broker for his company. He told me many companies are offering 3 to 5 times the cost to get chips. He said one long time account that orders 1.3 million worth og chips per year offered him 5 million for the same quantity. He said so many are offering so much money. He said...
  2. DIY video to upgrade your speaker system.

    I finally was able to finished editing my sound system upgrade to my base 4 door sas. I had the luxury of being next to an FE and he was interested in what I had that sounded way better than his system. Took a few pics of what I had running. So he can have a better idea of how to upgrade. The...
  3. Bronco Slipstream Security Enclosure

    Where can i buy it. This is perfect for my needs.
  4. ⏱ Bronco Scheduling Upcoming Week (11/1) For Production Build Weeks 12/20 and 12/27

    My priority code is 19. I got a print out last week from them. Some things on my trim were changed without my approval or knowledge. I asked why or who made these changes. He said he has no idea. They were made when I switched to soft top from MIC. Now it's too late to make any changes. He tried...
  5. ⏱ Bronco Scheduling Upcoming Week (11/1) For Production Build Weeks 12/20 and 12/27

    According to my dealer I still have a build date of Nov 8th as of today. Yet no sticker has been created and he doesn't know why. Nor he can see if I was supposed to be moved to a my 22 considering I ordered anti matter blue badlands with sas and other goodies. So now I'm worried I gor pushed...
  6. New Gift arrived (mini Broncos)

    Call them. I never got mine. They are sending me one. 4409428803
  7. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    I got bumped to nov 8th 😭
  8. Bronco Build Process Guide! - Window Sticker, Blend Date, Production Rotation Number, Built & Shipped Emails, Delivery Date Estimates & More

    I figured they would of put a red background for no and green for yes. Then again that would be too easy ans goes against ford's ideology. Lol
  9. 🛠 11/8/21 Build Week Group

    My thoughts exactly. Almost a 100k truck. Not even a raptor.
  10. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    I asked my dealer if my build date was still Oct 25th yesterday. System was down and said he would call me today with the information. sure enough I was moved. I found out about the Oct 25th move from my dealer. only emails I get from bronco was the initial email with my vin and first build date...
  11. 🛠 11/8/21 Build Week Group

    yup. I tried the tracker and for some reason its loading up someones vin and tracking information for their f350 in Texas.
  12. 🛠 11/8/21 Build Week Group

    I got bumped from sept 27th to Oct 25th and now Nov 8th. the positive is im still seeing that im getting a 2021 anti matter blue. I know that can change in the next few weeks.
  13. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Sayonara. I got moved again now its Nov 4th. im still seeing its a 2021 in anti matter blue. so im happy.
  14. 🛠 9/27 Build Week Group

    I called my dealer to make sure my build was still the same. He checked and told me it had been moved.
  15. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    From what I was told. was if I wanted a 2021 I would have to switch to the ragtop due to the shortage of the mic top since I'm getting the base model I was probably on the bottom of the totem pole. So I switch and we'll get the hardtop later on
  16. 🛠 9/27 Build Week Group

    From what I've read is you get your window sticker within five days of it actually being built and I still haven't gotten my sticker as of today😭
  17. 🛠 9/27 Build Week Group

    Sept 27th was my first build date sent to me. Now im on my second build date. OCT 25TH..