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  1. Anyone w/ a new Bronco have Build Quality-QA issues?

    Sorry if this is a repeat, but came across this video last night and as he notes from about 4:30 in, the exterior issues would be concerning. Wondering what new owners have noticed to either rebut or confirm his findings, cheers.
  2. Manual Trans-Remote Start?

    Hoping I'm in the right thread since I'm sure this will be an onboard computer hack.... but, has anyone pursued or interested the thought of a remote start with a manual? Yes, I know you'd have to leave it in neutral all the time but, I'd really like to be able to achieve this :)
  3. 10 speed Auto Trans issues?

    Hey guys, Just curious here and am seriously asking for a reason. I see a lot of positive feed back on the 10 speed auto, but has anyone severely negative experiences with it? I ask.....because.... I literally just got this week from a snowboarding vacation with my friends out in Cali, who...
  4. Complaining to Ford-Lack of Package Options-lower trim levels

    So, I don't know if/how/where anyone else might be lodging complaints about the lack of package options on the lower models, but I went to, and in the lower righthand side, they have the little on call agent helper thingy where someone answers your questions and guides you along...
  5. After purchase options/features install questions

    So this is my dilemma... I'd like to finance the least amount of crap when it comes time to throw down cash and get the loan for this guy. I'm happy with purchasing items from Ford, Ford Performance, after market vendors, etc, after the fact in order to either have an additional item...
  6. You seasoned Ford Guys: your opinion on the 2.3 Turbo?

    Hey guys, So I have to say I'm pretty disappointed about the powertrain options, and lack of manual available in the V6 and forcing everyone to upgrade $10,000 (basically) if they want a Sasquatch package. My question to seasoned Ford guys, how do you think this 2.3 turbo would handle 35 inch...
  7. Why did you get a Bronco?

    Them: "What made you get the Bronco?" Me: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
  8. Bookmark?

    Hey guys, I see there is a "Bookmarked" area under my account settings.... how do you bookmark within the forums???
  9. Adding/changing Items a la carte AFTER PURCHASE & drain plug differences?

    Hey All, Will it be possible to add or swap items easily that aren't part of an original lower package, such as swapping in the new Signature LED lights later, or swapping to upgrade a Grill, front driving lights, etc? Also, can someone explain the difference between the active drain plugs vs...