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  1. Washington WTB OEM Bull Bar

    As the title says! I want your Bull Bar!
  2. Washington WTB/WTT CO fender flares

    Looking to buy CO fender flares and/or trade for my Sasquatch fender flares.
  3. Washington WTB/WTT MIC Hard Top

    Looking for MIC hard top 2.0. Willing to buy or trade soft too +cash.
  4. Any Recommendations for a Paint Shop in Seattle area?

    Hi folks! I'm looking to get my gray Sasquatch beauty rings painted OEM black since I've been unsuccessful in finding a swap partner for that part. Anyone here can recommend a shop that does a good paint/powder coat job? First time seeking this type of work. I'm about 40 minutes north of...
  5. Window Tint and Night Driving

    So, I took delivery and all is well. However, I'm noticing some issues when it comes to night driving, especially with tint. With a combination on how the "A" pillar is arranged on the driver side, and the brightness of the large 12" screen, I think the visibility through the windows is tough...
  6. Washington WTT / WTB Black Beauty Rings, FE/WT Grille, Black Mirror Caps, CO Door Handles

    I'm expecting my Badlands SAS in a week or so. Looking to trade or buy any of the equivalent badlands parts: - Black Painted Beauty Rings - First Edition / Wildtrak Black Painted Grille - Black Painted Mirror Caps - Cyber Orange Door Handles
  7. Configuration showing on dealer's website and

    Hi all, I've been trying to pinpoint what it means when my rig shows up on the dealers website as well as From what I've gathered, I initially determined that since Ford auto updates the dealer's website for new orders, after calling a bunch of dealerships, it means it's in transit...
  8. Question around dealer purchase agreement

    Hey all! I wanted to ask, what does your dealer's purchase agreement look like? I myself, have an order reserved (being built 10/4) at Bowen Scarff Ford and have signed my build sheet with the MSRP price listed. There's many occasions where MSRP was stated as the price I will be paying when...
  9. Parts Swap

    Well, folks, I've received a build date for my ride up here in the PNW (Washington). I have a 4-Door Badlands Sasquatch being built (hopefully) on 10/4. With that said, I'm looking to swap out some parts to get it *just* right. Before I'd look to order the parts I want via my dealership and/or...
  10. Dealership won't tell me allocation numbers

    My dealership has been really great so far in terms of overall comunication. From simple to more complex questions, they've been great. However, any time I bring up or ask about their allocation numbers, they go radio silent. I've noticed that forum-goers here know their dealer's allocation...
  11. Note about accessories from my dealership

    Reviewed the final build sheet for my Bronco, however, my dealer informed me of this for the accessories: "Please note: any accessories on your build will have to be added aftermarket. Therefore, they will not be on your final build sheet." I thought we'd be able to get the accessories that...
  12. Interesting note about dealer installed accessories/options

    Just noticed this disclaimer in the PDF print out of my build. Doesn't this go against what we've been hearing for these accessories that were supposed to include installation in the price? Does the disclaimer not apply to all accessories?
  13. What trim/options has all hero switches available?

    Looking at my Badlands on B&P and see the far left hero switch missing. Is that correct?
  14. Do I miss out on much without sway bar disconnect?

    Would I be missing out on any capabilities if I choose a Wildtrak over a Badlands with Squatch? The only major thing I can think of is the sway bar disconnect. What would I not be able to do if I chose to go without it? From my understanding, sway bar disconnects matter much more on a solid...
  15. Sasquatch wheel beadlock ring question

    Can the beauty ring on Sasquatched wheels be taken off? I ask because I like the look of the Wildtrak wheels, but might end up with a Sas Badlands and DO NOT like the gray beauty ring. Are there any images of the beauty ring off of the wheels, or anything that can give me an idea of what that...
  16. Ford Performance Package with tuned 2.7L and 37" tires?

    Wasn't there rumors about a Ford Performance package with a tuned 2.7 and 37" tires from the factory? Will that still be a thing?
  17. This is baffling, Ford

    No words needed.
  18. What will factory tint be like?

    Looking to get max, law-abiding tint on my rig. What tint does the factory usually provide? Will it vary by trim?
  19. Insurance for the 2021 Bronco

    I know insurance has many variables factored in to determine your coverage cost, but what are you expecting to pay for monthly insurance on this new vehicle? Are you planning on getting GAP insurance as well?
  20. Over/Under Badlands Price w/options

    Curious to see everyone's guesstimate, over/under $60k on Badlands with pricing options: - 2.7 V6 - Sasquatch - Lux Package - Leather Seats - Hard Top