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  1. Off-Rodeo Failure: No Manual Broncos Available

    I agree with the OP here Ford's generic off rodeo is too softcore for my tastes. Glad it helps people get into off-roading but the trail bypasses they use are for little girls and more doors.and for those too inexperienced to use a stick shift transmission. Too bad they don't have more 2drs...
  2. HOSS 3.0 Suspension Bronco Wildtrak Brought Home Today! (Photos)

    Because some of us are 2 Dr purists and also realize a 100" wheel base is just about perfect for everything we want to drive on or over.
  3. 'Ultimate Stereo Upgrade' Thread

    Well mine's now a half cab u14 so that qualifies a little bit differently as my space inside the cab is definitely more crucial. That being said, my wife's ordered two-door wild track. That should be here one day soon and she likes my under the seat subwoofers so much more than the factory B&O...
  4. 'Ultimate Stereo Upgrade' Thread

    Yes under both front seats. Sound good but my kick panels speakers punch harder.
  5. Severe Duty Tire Rod Kit Part Number & Availability (From Wildtrack / Raptor)?

    We have the part numbers and they are posted, but they are not available from Ford quite yet.
  6. King Of The Hammers 2023 Prep

    Dang,. I thought this thread was gonna be about getting ready to compete at KOH with yer steed??? ..oh well spectating is super fun too. Can't wait to see some no-body-newcomer-bronco-owner compete and finish and place well!!!
  7. Has anyone fit 6 3/4" speakers in their kick panel?

    They do bolt on but need two adapter rings stacked. Also had to trim the kick cover a bit and use the optional grill too. I care more about the sound than the looks. Yes soundstream 150watt amp on these only
  8. Has anyone fit 6 3/4" speakers in their kick panel?

    The Kick speakers need the most improvement. Here's my choice the JL 6w3-4. The sound difference is mind blowing.
  9. Ford Pass Performance app (Exclusive for Bronco)

    Yes I do this all the time. Look at the MMB box. You can see you tube, tic tok, off road X, and just about anything else you want. Highly recommend it.
  10. 7x Offroad Torc SS (Rocklander Trailer) on 40's -- for overlanding and rock crawling

    Looks like that trailer could out wheel yer bronco!!! 40s on a trailer? Wow! If you ran 52s you could flip the trailer over and it would still roll on the top of the tire! Great build and awesome pictures!
  11. Loren Healy's Bronco "Rooney"

    The rear fenders look like they came off a side by side? Why not have them follow the contours of the truck?
  12. Loren Healy's Bronco "Rooney"

    Why not build these in kevlar? I mean you can use the same molds. Fiberglass is so outdated and fragile and CHEAP. Carbon fiber and or kevlar is the future.
  13. DONE! I have re-drilled rear shock mount 2” higher, =more clearance and 2” lift.

    Here's a good read where you can find that the rear shock are mounted in a vunerable position... raising the mount will help as well building or buying a guard for the shock s reservoir.
  14. UPDATE: Engine Being Replaced AGAIN [Clicking noise in replacement 2.7 engine]

    Too bad we won't ever know what the cause of the noise money is on a wristpin. I've had this happen when installing brand new pistons ( they were manufactured wrong and the oil holes were pluged to the wrist pin) it made the same noise. Very difficult to diagnose. It took a complete...
  15. Anyone selling a Ford molded-in hardtop?

    Highly unlikely you find anyone that wants to part with this coveted piece. However has finally updated their site with broncos. I see there are numerous broncos available there who knows if the tops were hard or damaged, a little research here is advised for those wanting hard...
  16. 38's Installed today on 4.5" Lift, Fuel Blocks, 42" Quake Lightbar, Smiitybuilt, NFAB, DV8, MTO

    Looks awesome. Any trimming at the back of the wheel wells?
  17. ADV launches their 5” fiberglass fender flares

    Are they available for the 2dr?
  18. Ruby: The Ultimate Ford Bronco Build

    I love ARB and own ALOT of their stuff but I would think after bragging about spending 2 years getting the system just right before releasing it,, they would at least get the shock bolt length correct? There's absolutely no reason to have those bolts hang down like that. Even in the aircraft...
  19. Bronco Raptor Tow rating due to a couple of stabilizer bars?

    Compared to what the Autobahn? How much slower exactly? Uh the little VW Touareg and Porsche cayenne can tug a 7700 lbs trailer by the manufacturers recommendations, does Germany allow more for these two?