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  1. Ruby: The Ultimate Ford Bronco Build

    Didn’t notice that at first but dang how did they miss that ?
  2. Initial Take and 2k Mile Road Trip Home

    WOW !!! Yah I took delivery on my 2022 Outer Banks back in February. Makes me wonder how many people are still waiting for their 2021. I did have switch to a soft top when I had to reorder for my 2022 back in Nov of 2021 to get a build date. Now I’m glad I did because it’s much more convenient...
  3. Diesel fuel filled in my 2.7 Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 😱

    I wouldn’t sign off on anything where the gas stations responsibility is concerned until you have driven your rig for a good long while after the initial repairs are done. This same thing happened to a friend of mine with an F150 he considered his baby and the truck was never the same after this...
  4. Soft top owners - how are you washing your bronco?

    I have taken my Soft Top through a drive in touchless car wash a few times and everything went very well. I only choose the cheapest wash that just does the soap wash and rinse. All the other options would put that Clear Coat stuff on it and I can't imagine that would be good for it so I don't...
  5. Soft Top plastic windows scratched from a snow brush

    Thanks, I'll give it a try. It can't hurt at this point.
  6. Soft Top plastic windows scratched from a snow brush

    I just used the brush part of the snow brush nit the scrapper. Has anyone else used a standard snow brush on their soft top plastic windows ? Well... Don't. Used a fairly soft snow brush to clear the snow off my soft top windows a week or so back and finally had the opportunity to wash my rig...
  7. Eruption Green Broncos + Bronze Wheels are perfect match

    Do you have a pick that shows the poke with the +1 offset. I'm trying to figure out what offset I want to go with. I'm probably going to go with 35's on 17's and could probably live with a half to an inch of poke but don't want any more than that. Is that 4 Door lifted ?
  8. First Off-roading in the Badlands in Southern Utah

    It doesn't look like you have a lift on your rig with the 35's. Did you take he crash bars off ?
  9. 20,000 mile Outer Banks Bronco review / Q&A

    Love this thread and can't wait to get out there !!! I'm picking my Outer Banks up this afternoon. Interested in which sound package you have and if it's any good with the soft top ? How an overall rating of the 2.3 in combo with the rear locker and 4.27 gears on road and off ? What...
  10. Bronco Delivered Saturday

    The tapered crash bars should allow you to put the squatch wheels and tires on your standard build without a lift.
  11. 🛠 1/10/22 Build Week Group

    7/14/20 Res 1/15/21 Original Order 10/8/21 re-order for 2022 Model and switch to Soft Top 10/15/21 Schedule for Production 1/10/22 Received email for Schedule for Production 1/10/22 Blend Date 1/13/22 Built per Pizza Tracker but never received a Built Email or Photo 1/20/22 Never received a...
  12. Switching from a MIC Top to a Soft Top - quicker delivery or not?

    I had a 7/14 reservation and got bumped to a 2022. At the first opportunity, back in October 2021, to go through the re-order process for a 2022 I switched to a soft top. I was scheduled for production the week of 1/10 the very first week scheduling resumed and My Bronco arrived at the dealer...
  13. Dealer wants 15k over sticker now that my bronco arrived

    Not sure if your up for it but I bet you would get their attention if you stood in the middle of their dealership on a few busy Saturday afternoons and loudly let everyone know what they are doing to you and will probably do to them if they try to buy a vehicle there.
  14. 📬 11/18/22 Scheduling Email Received Group

    OMG I finally got a Build Date January 10, 2022 7/14/20 Res 2/12/21 Order OBX Area 51 2.3 Soft Top Lux Advances 4x4 Auto 4.27 Rear Locker Tow 😃
  15. Positive news from MAP Ford Employee about MIC top replacements and how they are being handled.

    Did he say anything about when us unfortunate MY21 reservation holders that got screwed into MY22 Bronco's will be able to re-order ?
  16. Bronco Reservations Resume October. MY2022 Order Bank Also Opens in October.

    Agreed ! My dealer has been nothing but a vacuum of information so far.
  17. TFL - 2021 Ford Bronco Towing Test on the Ike Gauntlet

    Yes but these guys do everything they can to make the Bronco look deficient so they didn’t mention that.
  18. 📣 Ford announces MIC hardtop solution (program 21B49): unscheduled orders will get MY2022, delivered & built Broncos will have tops replaced

    I’m out y’all. Maybe I’ll see you in 2022, maybe not. For now I’m putting everything Bronco on the pay no mind list. Ford has officially killed my joy. Hope y’all have fun with your rigs if you get them this year. Cheers !!!
  19. Livestream to discuss tops at 5:00 Eastern today!

    I read the notice to say that if your being bumped to MY22 you will have to physically re-order. What exactly does re-ordering entail ? How do I plan for this if I don't know what package or equipment combinations will be changing ?
  20. White painted MIC top on Oxford White Wildtrak Bronco

    Not sure I like it. Side view looks to much like a Flex